Review of Zirtue – How to Lend and Borrow Money With Friends and Family

Understanding the purpose of life insurance

In the past, sending money between family and friends could pose a challenge for many people. You either had to mail a check, complete a wire transfer, or wait to see them in person before delivering cash. Borrowing and lending would take at least a couple days, if not weeks to complete the transaction, assuming no issues arose along the way (e.g., check lost in the mail). Nowadays, money transfers are more cost-effective, secure and instantaneous than ever. While some payment apps may require you to wait a day or two for transferred funds to reach your bank account, the convenience of digital money transfers arguably outweighs any downsides. Of course, money transfer apps like Venmo or Google Pay aren’t … Read more

U-Nest Review – Easy College Savings App

When you read about student loan debt in the news nowadays, there’s rarely good news about this phenomenon that’s more frequently referred to as a “crisis.” Just look at the latest student loan debt figures if you need proof: $1.56 trillion in outstanding student loans, 44+ million borrowers (including the parents/grandparents/relatives who co-signed the loans), 11.4% default/delinquency rate, and $101+ billion in default for more than 360 days. If you want to have kids soon or you currently have young kids and you’re concerned about their ability to pay for college in the future, then you’re no alone. Millions of parents around the U.S. – many of whom are still paying off their own student loans – want to create … Read more

Top 9 Best and Simplest Smartphone Apps to Earn Rewards

This is a guest post by Financial Wolves, a blog about making money with side hustles to help you achieve financial freedom. If you’d like to submit a guest post to Money Q&A, be sure to check out our Guest Posting Guidelines. Believe it or not, nowadays, we’re more active and enthusiastic on the internet than we are anywhere else. Recent research shows that online surfers spend close to 7 hours on the internet every day. It’s a known fact that the internet is great to socialize, share opinions, and develop your personality. However, what if we told you that you could earn amazing rewards and use your screen time productively? Yes, many apps let you earn rewards while you’re … Read more

CoverWallet Review – Simple and Fast Small Business Insurance Quotes

Running a business – even if you’re just a sole proprietorship – is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things you can do for work. Of course, it’s not just about balancing revenue and expenses, satisfying your customers, and growing your brand’s presence in the market – you also need to cover your bases in other ways, such as properly insuring your business against potential problems. The issue with commercial insurance is that it can be incredibly complex and costly if you don’t thoroughly research your available options before deciding on a policy. For businesses operating on particularly tight margins, choosing the right business insurance could mean the difference between shutting your doors and staying competitive for years to … Read more

Review of eMeals – Meal Planning Made Simple

Should You Subscribe to a Meal Kit Delivery Service?

How often do you sit down to eat dinner at home with your family? If you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t spend dinnertime with your family on a daily basis because only 29% of households reportedly eat dinner together every night, according to a November 2019 poll by YouGov. The same poll also found 46% of U.S. adults wished they would eat dinner with their families more often (that number increased to 62% of adults for the parent demographic). Some of the most common reasons for not spending dinnertime with their families included: different schedules, too busy, picky eaters and dietary restrictions, to name a few. Considering the psychological benefits of family dinners and potential cost savings involved, it’s … Read more

DiversyFund Review – Buy Shares of Multi-Family Real Estate

Most investors know the value of diversifying their portfolios, but few investors have access to the same assortment of options that mega-wealthy investors pour money into, such as multi-million dollar real estate projects and structures. For instance, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) are popular options for investors who have a high net worth because the long-term capital appreciation on the properties frequently outpaces other types of investments (and is generally less volatile than investing purely in stocks). Until recently, however, REITs were very exclusive entities; everyday investors seeking higher returns through cash-flowing apartment buildings and commercial properties were mostly out of luck if they didn’t have the capital necessary to invest in these real estate projects on their own. Fortunately, … Read more