The Top 7 Finance Books Money Q&A Readers Are Buying on Amazon

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Over the past three months, Money Q&A readers have bought several personal finance books through the blog’s Amazon affiliate links. I thought that it would be fun to look at these seven. It’s no surprise that most readers are buying are part of my Top 10 Personal Finance Books list. The list shows the books that I think should be on everyone’s bookshelves and nightstands next to your bed. You can see the full list here. These Top 10 Personal Finance Books are the ones that have meant the most in my life. They’re the ones that I have highlighted passages, dog-eared pages, and reread over and over. If you haven’t read them, I definitely think you should push them … Read more

How to Invest in Legos and Lego Sets for Great and Unique Rate of Return

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Legos are amazing toys for kids of all ages. They can be played in so many different ways and offer hours of entertainment. But can you invest in Legos? Are Legos a good investment? And, how do you even go about investing in Legos? How do you determine how much to spend on them and whether they will increase in value over time or not? When you’re a kid, Legos are the best toy ever. They give you hours of entertainment. But how do adults get in on this fun? Can adults invest in Legos? And, should you? Can you actually earn a decent rate of return by simply buying and selling Lego sets? And how should you know how … Read more

Guide to Investing in Your 40s – Top 3 Tips You Need to Know Right Now!

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Investing in your 40s is like trying to stay on top of a surfboard while riding a wave. You’re no longer kicking, splashing, and floundering in the water as you might have in your 20s, and you’re likely enjoying much more stability now compared to your 30s. The “shore” (retirement) is within view, but you still need to work hard and be willing to adapt to changes in the “surf” (economy/workforce) to make it to shore without getting crushed by a wave of debt or despair like the others who didn’t plan for retirement years ago. Investing in Your 40s To stay afloat with your investment strategy, here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re investing in … Read more

Top 4 Things to Consider Before Moving to a High Cost of Living Area

The pandemic motivated millions of people to move for a variety of reasons, particularly those involving financial matters. Many workers in urban areas opted for areas with a lower cost of living when their jobs suddenly switched from in-office to remote work, while others sought less densely-populated locales to avoid large Covid-19 outbreaks common to metro areas like New York City and the Bay Area. While the pandemic seems to be nearing an end in the U.S., the dynamics of our personal and professional lives in this “new normal” have been permanently changed. Some employers have opted for allowing long-term remote or hybrid work options to give employees greater flexibility, given how many employees reportedly want to work from home … Read more

Should You Reinvest Dividends or Take the Cash – Two Investing Strategies

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When you invest in a company, the company will pay out dividends to its shareholders. Reinvesting dividends is when you reinvest those dividends back into the same stocks that are paying them. Reinvesting can help build your portfolio faster and make more money over time, but it does come with risks. If you’re not sure what to do or if you need some guidance on investment strategies for your portfolio, this article should be able to provide some insight! Many people are faced with the decision of whether they should reinvest dividends or take the cash. Reinvesting dividends can be a great way to grow your investment portfolio, but it can also result in less spending money if you don’t … Read more

What Is Payment for Order Flow and Why Investors Should Care About It

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Payment for order flow is payment from a broker to a stock exchange for directing stock market orders its way. The payment may not be in the form of cash but rather as a credit to the broker’s trading account on the exchange. Payment for order flow can significantly impact market quality and liquidity because it incentivizes brokers to send their trading exclusively to specific stock exchanges. The practice has recently emerged as an important issue that investors should care about because of its effects on the market and liquidity. What You Need to Know About Payment for Order Flow Why Investors Should Care One of the key problems with payment for order flow is that it incentivizes brokers to … Read more