Top 4 Easy Steps to Take When Your Budget Fails and Goes Off the Rails

Reasons to Add Fun Money to Your Budget

Budgeting can be a challenge for many people, even if you’re good with numbers and diligent about regularly tracking your income and expenses. Sometimes, life gets in the way, and the budget goes out the window, whether it’s due to an unexpected and costly emergency or an extended period of impulsive shopping and overspending. But, what do you do when your budget fails and goes off-kilter? Steps to Take When Your Budget Fails The first step to getting back on track with your budget is by recognizing there’s a problem. Denial can be a powerful defense mechanism against confronting a problem spending habit, so there’s no point in making excuses like “I’ll spend within my means next month” or “It’s … Read more

How much is the Royal Family Worth? – Infographic on Royalty Net Worth

how much is the royal family worth

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned as queen ever since, nearly 70 years. In her lifetime, she has achieved it all — power, prestige, and perhaps most significantly, wealth. But, how much is the royal family worth? According to Forbes, the British royal family is now worth over $28 billion; that’s more money than the entire GDP of Iceland. The queen herself is estimated to have a net worth of over $600 million, most of which comes from her investments, jewels, and two castles. The queen may be sitting comfortably, but how about the other members of the royal family? Sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea, and check out our latest infographic to find out the net worth of your favorite royals. … Read more

Top 5 Ways for Animal Lovers to Make Money on the Side

Ways for Pet Lovers to Make Money

Millions of people love and own pets in the U.S., even though some pet care expenses can rival the costs of having kids in some instances. To make pet care more affordable, many people have embraced the plethora of pet-friendly side gigs as a means for animal lovers to supplement their income while doing something they love. How Animal Lovers Can Make Money Side Hustling If you’ve been looking for viable work from home opportunities then consider some of the following side hustles and small business ideas for animal lovers who love being around animals. Professional Petsitting Petsitting is an excellent option for people with flexible job schedules and minimal responsibilities at home (e.g., no or low-maintenance pets, no young … Read more

Most Expensive Divorces in History


Divorce is expensive for anyone, but especially for the rich. After 27 years of marriage, Bill and Melinda Gates officially separated this month. While the exact details of their settlement are likely still ongoing, Melinda French Gates could receive as much as $63.5 billion in assets – by far the most in history.  This unfathomable transfer of wealth has only been seen a few times in history. The most recent of which was in 2019 when MacKenzie Scott received $38 billion USD in Amazon stock from former husband Jeff Bezos for their divorce. The following infographic on the most expensive divorces first appeared on the ACE Cash Express blog and is reprinted with permission.

Top 11 Reasons You Need to Create a Living Trust

gavel on money

A living trust, or inter vivos trust, is a trust you set up while alive. It places your assets into a trust to be managed by a third party for your benefit. At your death, the assets are distributed to a chosen beneficiary.  In many states, the assets are transferred to the living trust beneficiary without going through probate at death. Living trusts can assist limit estate investigation by limiting taxable value and avoiding property loss due to a lack of knowledge about it being a part of a living trust. They allow for simple modifications if necessary, and they offer more control over who receives what when someone dies without a will. Avoid Probate in Multiple Jurisdictions Avoid Probate Entirely Avoid … Read more

Top 4 Simple Ways How to Better Manage Your Medical Debts

Benefits of a health savings account

A survey of 20 million Credit Karma members conducted in summer 2020 found over $45 billion of medical debt in collections. Previous studies on medical debt have found that hospital bills are typically the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy in the U.S. In the wake of a global pandemic that hit Americans particularly hard – in terms of job losses and skyrocketing hospital bills – the issue of medical debts will likely become more prominent in public conversations in the years to come. How to Better Manage Your Medical Debts If you’ve received an astonishingly expensive medical bill before or you’re currently agonizing over how to repay outstanding medical debts, there are some strategies you can try without having to … Read more