Interesting Statistics on Christmas Spending in the US

Let’s face it, we all love Christmas. We get so caught up in the festive frenzy that we forget about the crazy prices that can build up over the course of the month of December.

Avant Credit recently looked into the state of spending over the Christmas period in the US and came back with some interesting statistics.

  • Over 50% of the gifts are clothing and accessories with only 22.8% of the gifts being electronic items
  • Over 50% of millennials want experiences rather than physical gifts
  • 58.8% of Americans would prefer a gift card at Christmas
  • The most popular gift cards are from restaurants, followed by department stores, and coffee
  • 22% of Americans were waiting for the best deals before purchasing
  • 56% spent their money on gifts for family, with 10% spending money on friends at Christmas. 
  • $1779 is the total amount spend on Christmas per family in the US
  • Insanely, 66% of people planned to shop in the week AFTER Christmas!

What do Americans spend their money on during Christmas? Is Christmas spending out of control? Here are some interesting statistics on Christmas spending. Check out the infographic below for more information, including some tips to reduce your spending for this year and beyond:

Christmas Spending in the United States - Avant
Provided by Avant

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