Consumer Staples to Buy that You Shouldn’t Scrimp On

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Whether you’re on a tight budget or you’re trying to save yourself some money – many of us like to get the best bargains when it comes to household items and other consumer staples. While this is usually a great idea, there are certain items that you should never scrimp on.

Pinching the pennies on certain items leads to what is called a ‘false economy’. This is where you might spend less many on a certain item initially, however, due to lower quality, you need to keep replacing that item. So, over time, you actually spend more money on the cheaper item than you would have paid for the more expensive item that will last you longer.

Of course, knowing which items you should and shouldn’t scrimp on can be difficult, which is why we’ve put together this list of everyday essential consumer staples that you should spend a little more on:


Computers can feel incredibly expensive, but you’ve got to remember that these are powerful tools that many of use for work or study. True, you can get relatively cheap models that won’t cost you much initially, but these models tend to be slower, have less storage, and may need regular servicing from early on. Worse, they may just break.

Overall, an Apple laptop might feel incredibly expensive, however, these computers will last you years into the future. Even better, many can be bought on interest-free credit, where you pay it off month by month.


For many of us, jeans are something that we wear daily, which means we regularly buy cheap jeans that fill up our closets. That’s because, with cheaper denim, your jeans will quickly fade and even rip, meaning you’ll need to constantly replace them.

Instead, by learning how to shop for a couple of pairs of high-quality jeans, your jeans will last far longer and save you money overall.


Many of us regard sunglasses as merely a fashion accessory. However, sunglasses are essential tools for protecting our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. The problem is, with designer frames feeling expensive, we often opt for cheap pairs, which break easily, meaning we have to replace them often.

Instead, by investing in a reliable pair of sunglasses from a well-known brand, such as a classic make like Ray-Bans, you not only have a higher quality frame that is less likely to break but you also get a 24-month warranty for manufacturing defects on classic pairs and customizable pairs, like the customizable Marshals.


Whether you work in an office or you spend your days at college getting an education – we all need shoes that are both comfortable and look good. This is where investing in pricier and higher-quality footwear becomes key. Always remember that not all shoes are created equally even though they are consumer staples, and if you choose cheaper options, these are far more likely to rub against your feet and cause blisters.

If you are on your feet all day, as well as more expensive shoes, you should also consider buying some gel foot insoles and high-quality cotton socks. These will keep you feel comfortable and help eliminate blisters.

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