Brim Financial Earning Extra Cash in the Great White North, Eh

Increase Your Earning Potential in No Time

If you’re looking for a way to increase your earnings in the land of top-tier ice hockey and poutine, here are a few flexible solutions for putting extra money into your pockets.

Ways to Earn Extra Money

While most methods of income generation transcend borders and cultures, if you’re in Canada and in need of extra money, you’ll probably want some region-specific strategies. Here are a few neat resources for our friends in the frozen north.

Complete surveys

Seriously. If you’re in Saskatchewan and have access to a smartphone or computer, you can take part in online SaskWatch Research panels that give insight into diverse concerns that affect the Saskatchewan community and earn extra money.

You have to register online, but you have the option of filling out physical forms or participating by telephone. There are also other paid Canada-focused survey opportunities, like Pinecone Research and DailyRewards.

Earn and redeem credit card points

Smart credit card purchases can help you earn a ton of extra money – if you have the right card. Brim Financial is a Canadian credit card service that offers unrestricted credit card rewards options, giving you unlimited points opportunities when you make purchases in the Brim Marketplace.

Become a virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant Canada connects people with freelance assistants who can perform a diverse assortment of tasks in multiple industries, from the digital sector, real estate, finance, and more. No matter where your area of expertise is, you have the option to monetize it easily and efficiently.

The best thing about these options is that they are great supplements to any part or full-time employment you already possess. If you’re creative and diligent, earning extra money as easy as making a purchase or logging into an online account!

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