Yes, You Can Find A Job Despite Your Disability

You might think that having a disability would hold you back from keeping a regular job. That might be the case if your disability is quite serious and you have some mobility issues or your energy levels are badly affected. Thankfully, though, if your physical or mental disability doesn’t hold you back too much in your regular day to day activities then you shouldn’t find it too tricky to land a new job.

Even though it is possible to find a job as a disabled job seeker, there might still be some issues that you face. For instance, not ever employer might be open to taking on disabled employees. You shouldn’t let that get you down, though, as the face of the working world is constantly changing and now more and more business owners are looking to improve their office diversity by welcoming in disabled workers. Once you do start applying for jobs, you might just be surprised about how many are willing to give you a chance.

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To make sure you stand as much chance as possible to bag your dream job, here are some very useful tips. They should show you that it is entirely possible to find a job despite your disability.

Use Job Boards Aimed At Disadvantaged Job Hunters

Did you know that there are specialist jobs boards and recruitment agencies that set out to help job seekers who have a disability that could be giving them a disadvantage when it comes to finding work? You should find a reliable disability employment agency that can offer you as much support and help as you might need along the whole of your recruitment process. They will be able to line you up with suitable companies that are currently hiring.

Not only that, though, but some of the specialist employment agencies will even help you practice your interview technique and will be able to provide you a lot more useful resources. You might even be given a mentor who can help you with the whole job hunt on a one-to-one basis. Many job seekers find that using these kinds of resources can really boost their confidence by quite some way.

Target Companies That Have Accessible Offices

If you use a wheelchair regularly or have mobility issues, you will need to find work at a company that can provide an accessible office. Even though we are now well into the 21st century, you will be amazed at the small number of companies that can provide accessibility these days!

Rather than going all the way through the recruitment process and getting quite far only to find that you won’t be able to actually get in the office will be very disheartening. So, before you do submit a resume and covering letter, be sure to do your research so that you are sure you are applying to an accessible company that is welcoming to individuals with disabilities.

Don’t Focus On What You Can’t Do

When you suffer from a disability, there might be quite a bit that you will be unable to do. But you shouldn’t let this get you down. In fact, there is no need to mention any of this at all throughout the whole recruitment process. You instead just need to focus on all of the things you can do. Make sure that you showcase all of your strengths in your resume and covering letter so that all potential new employers know what you are good at and all the skills and experience that you will bring to the team.

Always Be Confident

Make sure you exude confidence whenever you are face to face with a possible new employer. Confidence can certainly go a big way to help you land your ideal job and it is certainly something that anyone who is interviewing you will focus on. You will be able to dazzle any interviewer if you are bubbly and confident. If you are an introvert or naturally shy, you might be worried about how well you come off in an interview situation. Thankfully, this is something that can be improved on with plenty of practice. You just need to have a few test interviews in which a friend or relative can ask you questions that are likely to come up. Doing a few of these should help to boost your confidence.

Only Discuss The Necessary Bits About Your Disability

Did you know that you don’t have to disclose more than what is necessary about your disability to a potential employer? It’s true, but only a few people are aware of this. For instance, you aren’t legally obliged to mention your disability in either your resume or your covering letter if you don’t want to. The first time you might need to mention it, though, is if you are invited to an interview – you will have to ask if the office building is going to be easily accessible. But if your disability doesn’t require to be accommodated in any way, then there is no reason for you to mention it in the first place.

Show Off Your Previous Work Experience

If you do have some previous work experience, it is a super idea to highlight this as much as you can in your resume and covering letter. This should give any new employers confidence that you have been able to hold down a job in the past despite your disability. It’s also advisable to get a reference from your previous employer so that they can say just how good you were in your old role!

Tap Into Your Network

If you have quite a good network, it’s worth tapping into that to try to see if anyone in it can help you find employment. For example, a past coworker might have a friend who is hiring for their company. If you reach out to your network, you might be surprised at just how much help you can get when it comes to finding a new job!

Happy job hunting!

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