Money Q&A Gift Card Giveaway – Over $220 in Total Prizes

The Total Money Makeover by Dave RamseyIt’s been quite a while since I’ve given anything away on Money Q&A other than copies of Dave Ramsey’s bestselling book, “The Total Money Makeover“, which I have given quite a lot of copies to readers who ask questions here on the site that I turn into blog posts.

So, today…I thought it would be nice to give even more alway – in addition to a few copies of Dave’s book. 

Today, I am giving away six gift cards and give hardcover books worth a combined $220 as follows:

To enter – simply subscribe to the Money Q&A Email Newsletter.


Here are the details of the giveaway:

  • I’ll be giving away the cards and books to eleven different winners (one per winner).
  • Winners will get a specific card or book (drawn by me at random). No choosing your prizes…sorry.
  • To enter, all you need to do is subscribe to the Money Q&A email newsletter (above).
  • If you are already subscribed to the list, simply leave a comment below telling your favorite blog post from Money Q&A. Be sure to include your email address when you leave the comment so I will know how to reach you if you win (the email address will not be visible to anyone other than me).
  • The winners will be drawn at random from the commenters and new newsletter subscribers.
  • The drawing of winners will be held on Friday, May 4th, 2018.
  • As soon as I hear from a winner, I’ll mail out the gift card or book.
  • Local laws, rules, and regulations apply.
  • Prizes shipped to U.S. addresses only…sorry you Canadians (and others).
  • Local laws, rules, and regulations apply.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Thanks everyone for participating! I’ve sent out emails to the lucky winners!

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  2. My favorite post is this one! I love the chance to win a prize.

  3. Great giveaway! Thank you! I learned a lot from your blog post “Top 9 Ways How To Prevent Identity Theft From Happening To You”. I’m already a newsletter subscriber.

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  5. Thanks for the chance

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  7. This is great, and as a new subscriber, this is my favorite post 🙂

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