A Beginners Guide to Making Money at Home

Make Money on the Side

How realistic is it to earn money from home these days? The answer is more realistic than ever before. The internet has become a money-generating engine, so if you want to profit from its success, get on board and find your niche. Here are some popular ways to earn money online. 

Video Editor 

At one time, it was all about written content on the internet; then, the video became popular. Video has always been a popular medium, but for some reason, it took more time for it to migrate onto the digital landscape. But it’s here now, and it’s as popular as always, thanks to its accessibility. 

Video is the perfect medium because it is semi-passive and direct. It’s very easy to get in front of the camera and promote your business or services, but you need to make sure it meets a standard. If you have video editing skills, learn how to make money online from home.  

Start a Blog 

In the beginning, blogs were for personal use only; they were a way to share your ideas and personal projects with friends, family, and the occasional visitor. Then things changed, and blogs became important marketing tools within content marketing. There are ways to earn with a blog. 

If you want to monetize your blog, the first thing to try is advertising. If you can’t sign up with Google Ads for some reason – they can be picky about their content – there are other ad agencies you can try, such as Ezoic. You can also earn money using affiliate marketing links.   


We all have different personality types, some people like to write, and other people like to speak. If you are the speaking type, you might prefer to create a video blog instead of a written blog. Video blogs are fun to create, and they can be quite a lucrative source of income for people. 

So how can you earn money from vlogging? There are many ways, but most of them involve some form of advertising. When you reach a certain number of subscribers, you can sign up for the YouTube Partner Program, which allows you to earn money from ads on your video channel. 

Influencer Marketing 

If you have a popular blog, social media channel, video blog, or website, you can earn money as an influencer marketing professional. If you are in a strong position and you want to earn from influencer marketing, you can apply to agencies and reach out to companies in your niche. 

If you are accepted as an influencer marketer, you will be sent products from the company. Usually, these products are yours to keep; in return, you will have to review the product online. Alternatively, you will have to mention the brand of product on your channel in a positive way.  

Print on Demand 

Print-on-demand businesses are a fast and effective way to earn a living from the comfort of your home. In the past, you would have to set p a distribution channel and contact suppliers to set up this kind of business, but not nowadays. PON businesses are already set up for you. 

A Print-on-Demand business such as a t-shirt business from Teemill allows you to create products easily on the website – simply use the handy drag and drop system – the company has the distribution channel set up in an environmental way, so you have very little to organize. 


Dropshipping is similar to a print-on-demand business, but you have more choices of products. In short, you partner with a business of your choice, set up an online shop, and start marketing the products. When someone buys a product from you, the dropshipping company delivers it for you. 

With drop shipping, you are essentially the middle person between the manufacturer and the customer, and you earn a percentage of the transaction depending on the deal you have. Dropshipping has been around for some time, but it’s still a viable way to earn from home. 


Something continues to get more difficult online such as marketing and growing your target audience or brand; then again, some things continue to get easier, like e-commerce businesses. Whether you use a conventional website builder or an e-commerce one, it’s easier than ever. 

A website-building platform is the best place to start when creating your e-commerce business. Shopify is currently leading the market as an integrated solution, although other excellent platforms are available. Simply sign up, choose your products, and start marketing them online.  

Digital Services 

Do you have some skills or talent as a graphic designer or a content writer? If so, why not sell your skills online as digital services? You can partner with an agency and receive regular work or freelance in your space-time. Freelancing is arguably better paid, but finding clients is harder. 

Digital services are in high demand at the moment, so if you have some digital skills or talents, or if you are currently training in graphic design, why not earn some money on the side with a side hustle business? You don’t even need a website to get started; check out Fiverr instead. 


There was a time when professional authors regularly spoke about how the novel was dead, but these days nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there’s never been a better time to write a novel for a digital platform or write a non-fiction e-book with some actionable advice. 

Platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing take the middle person out of the publishing industry and give authors a larger percentage of the profits, the downside is that you have to take care of a lot of the marketing yourself, but that’s a small price to pay when considering the return you get. 

Online Courses 

If you have some skills, knowledge, or special abilities, you could create an online course and earn some passive income. In some ways, passive income is the holy grail because it allows you to earn while you sleep and pursue your life passions. So definitely follow up on this one. 

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