How to Hire a Headhunter – Should You Pay for Job Hunting Help?

How to Hire a Headhunter - Should You Pay for Job Hunting Help?If you’re graduating from college soon, recently unemployed, or you just hate your current job, there are plenty of resources to help you find a new job. Have you ever thought, “How to hire a headhunter?”. What about paying for a service that helps you find a job?

Whether you want to secure a stable, long-term career or hop around different jobs until you find one you love, it’s important to stay organized throughout your job hunting process so you’ll stand out in the applicant pool.

How to Hire a Headhunter or Job Service

Competitive industries can be difficult to find a job in right away because there are countless other job seekers applying for the same position that you are. Rather than wasting hours and hours sending off applications and hoping for a response, you can step up your job search by paying someone to help you.

This isn’t the best route for everyone, but if you’ve considered paying for help, then check out some of the good options available:

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is used by millions of employees, job seekers, and employers alike, but is LinkedIn Premium really worth the paid upgrade? The answer depends on what your budget can handle, as well as your goals for finding a job. LinkedIn Premium for Job Seekers costs $19.95 per month (after free trial), which gives you access to detailed salary information on job posts and pushes you to the top of the applicant pool as a “featured applicant” for some positions.

This feature alone could be worth the cost in a crowded job market, but if that’s not enough, then consider the InMail option, which allows you to contact a select number of people who you’re not connected to (which costs $10 each time for non-Premium members).

LinkedIn Premium also gives you more search options for job postings and useful charts and data on who has viewed your profile (and from what industry). Even if you only sign up for a month or two, LinkedIn Premium might be worth the cost to get your profile in front of hiring companies.


One of the most popular paid job posting sites is FlexJobs, which charges $14.95 per month (search for 50% off coupons to save on your first month). With a FlexJobs subscription, you get access to pre-screened job postings across 55 different categories, with new updates each day and unique telecommuting options that offer flexible schedules and work locations.

It’s a good site for finding legitimate work-from-home job opportunities for a relatively low cost, and you can cancel your monthly subscription once you find a job, so you’re not locked into a long-term agreement.

Cover Letter and Resume Writers

Should you hire a resume writer to polish your cover letter and resume for submission? Even the best writers need some outside help to ensure there are no grammatical errors or confusing phrases in their application documents, so even though you’ll be paying money for something you can do yourself, adding a professional touch to your application is worth the cost.

You can find quality cover letter writers and resume editors for affordable prices on Fiverr. Many services on this site start at $5 and go up from there (the $15-25 range is typically much higher quality and the writers/editors are top-notch). You can also look into resume writers in your area if you would prefer to work with someone one-on-one to ensure your resume represents all of your best qualities.

Job Coaching

When stuck in the rut of a stagnant job search, some people turn to job coaches to help them stay motivated and ultimately find the job of their dreams. Hiring a career or job coach may seem costly, but the personalized attention and uplifting feedback can be immensely useful if you’re tired of not hearing back from prospective employers after applying or interviewing with them. A job coach will help guide you towards new opportunities and keep you on track every step of the way.

Paying for help while you’re looking for a paying job may seem contradictory. But, in reality, it can be an incredibly beneficial investment in yourself and your career. It’s not mandatory by any means.

But, if you’re struggling in a competitive applicant pool, not finding the right jobs for your skills and interests, or worried about paying off your student loans on time with a job that may not pay as well, then shelling out $20-50 for some initial help might work wonders in your job search.

What do you think? Do you know how to hire a headhunter? Is paying for job hiring services worth the cost? Is paying for a headhunter or other hiring service a good financial move?

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