How To Store Gold and Precious Metals – Where To Hide Your Gold

How To Store Gold and Precious MetalsDo you bury your gold like a pirate? Or, do you hide your gold and other precious metals in shoeboxes sitting around your house or under the bed? Do you know how to store gold and other precious metals to keep them safe?

Many people love investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals. They can make a great addition to your investment portfolio and round out your primary retirement investments in your Roth IRA and 401k retirement plan. But, many people don’t even realize that they can take physical possession of their gold and precious metals.

There are two schools of thought on where to keep assets like precious metals. You can take physical possession of your investment in gold, silver, and other precious metals. Or, you can have an investment company hold your metals for you at their location in an account.

There’s no right or wrong answer to your choice. It’s strictly a personal choice and preference. But, there are some benefits and drawbacks to each option that you should be aware of.

My Father-In-Law Hides His Silver Under the Bed

My father-in-law likes to have his precious metals where he can see them. So, he hides his silver, his favorite precious metal investment, in shoe boxes underneath his bed. It always blows my mind, and it may be a generational thing. He likes being able to physically see his investment.

My mother-in-law always tells us to to check every book in the house after she dies for hidden money. They have hidden jewelry, silver, gold, and other precious metals around the house as well. It may be a family scavenger hunt one day to find it all.

I’m not saying that you have to go to that extreme when you are trying to figure out how to store gold and other precious metals. There are plenty of other places to store your gold and other precious metals instead of a shoebox or under the mattress though.

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How the Gold Price Is Determined

When you start to think about investing in gold (AU), you might find yourself wandering into a mysterious culture. There are many precious metal terms, like “bullion,” “karats”, and the “spot price,” which professionals understand. Today, you can gain some knowledge to help you with your asset purchase, by learning how the gold price is determined.

London Fix

In most nations, the gold under the earth belongs to the government. Spain gained profound wealth when it discovered vast precious metals mines in South America. Before anyone can open a mine, they must pay numerous fees to the government owning the land.

Likewise, most precious metals prices have been primarily controlled by governments. England controlled the precious metal price using what was called the “London Fix.” The first fix occurred on 12 September 1919 with the top precious metal refiners of the city: Rothschild, Mocatta, Pixley, Montagu, and Sharps. The goal was to ask the top banks what they were charging for the precious metal and average the price accordingly.

FDR Confiscated Wealth

On 5 April 1933, the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) issued Executive Order 6102 – confiscating valuable AU golden coins from the citizens. The United States government had established a set price for AU of $20.67 per ounce. Eventually, the United States allowed for the price of precious metals to float freely.

American President Richard Nixon ended the country’s selling of AU in a special window to other nations. Since then, the London Fix has gained even more control over the pricing of precious metals.

On 16 April 2016, China entered the precious metals price-setting regime with its Shanghai Precious Metals Exchange. The Bank of China has been added to the London Fix. Now the precious metals prices are set by the top banks in China, the United States, and England.

Control Wealth with Karatbars

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How To Store Gold The Right Way

Investment Firm

You can have an investment firm who specializes in precious metals, like Noble Gold Investments, hold your stockpile of gold, silver, and others for you. You can roll over an IRA or convert a 401k retirement plan from a previous employer in a self-directed IRA that owns precious metals. Your precious metals are then secured at an insured depository and managed by an IRS approved custodian like Noble Gold Investments.

You also don’t have to use a retirement account to store gold and precious metals with an investment firm. You can also open a regular taxable investment account to manage your gold investments instead of holding precious metals in a retirement account like an IRA.

You can also open a direct investment account where the investment firm ships the metals directly to your doorstep fully insured and within five business days. They can also store the metals fully insured for a small fee annually.

Self Directed IRA

When most people think of an individual retirement account (IRA), they often immediately think of a mutual fund. IRAs can also hold other asset classes that you control. These are self directed IRAs.

You can have a self directed IRA that holds cash, bonds, individual stocks, Lending Club loans, and even precious metals. I have several self directed IRAs – one with Scottrade to invest in individual stocks and another through Lending Club that invests in peer-to-peer loans. I also have another self directed IRA that holds precious metals.

Like a brokerage account, an investment firm holds precious metals in a self directed IRA.

Safety Deposit Box

You can also store your precious metals in a safety deposit box at a bank. Using a safety deposit box is another option on how to store gold and your other precious metals if you don’t think you can safely store them at home.

Not everyone feels comfortable putting their gold and silver in shoeboxes under the bed. And, that’s okay.

Banks can provide customers with safety deposit boxes. You have available access to your precious metals. You know that they are secure and also protected against fire and theft.

Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Gold and Other Precious Metals

Storing your gold and silver in shoeboxes under the bed is an option. But, it may not be the best option.

Having physical possession of your precious metals can be a challenge after you receive them. Where will you keep them? Will they be safe? How will you liquidate those precious metals if the need arises?

Additionally, having your gold and silver in shoeboxes under the bed can put an added layer of stress on your loved ones. Do they know where to look for the assets after you have died?

There is also a danger of loss or theft if you have physical possession of the precious metals. It is your job to safe keep them if you have possession of them. It’s quite a burden to bear.

Do you invest in precious metals? Do you have physical possession of them? Or, do you use an investment firm to manage the holding of your assets?

Do you know how to store gold and other precious metals to keep them safe? Have you ever kept gold and silver in shoeboxes under the bed? I’d love to hear your thoughts on storing precious metals as an investment.

How To Store Gold and Precious Metals

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