Money Saving Facts: To-Do-List To Ensure Employee Productivity

How To Increase Employee ProductivityWe’re now in an era where competition has greatly heightened with old players fighting to hold on to their positions. Digital developments have taken the world by storm and provide new players with a more level-playing field. The numbers of entrepreneurs have surged in recent years and we’re seeing more innovations in different industries.

How to Increase Employee Productivity

In an effort to increase competitive edge, employers are observing worker productivity more and finding ways to increase employee productivity. There are now several technologies aimed at promoting this but are these really the solutions? Or, are they Band-Aid approaches to a larger business issue?

Cut your employees some slack.

Heavily monitoring your workers can increase pressure on them, increasing stress levels over time, even without additional workload. Mental limits do exist. Time spent working does not necessarily equate to the quality of work.

Breaks can consist from taking short naps to sitting at the computer doing non-work activities, anything that allows the brain to take refresh. Discuss with your leaders and your employees to see what works best or what kind of activities you can allow during work hours.

Be supportive to subordinates.

When you’ve noticed an employee that has been performing consistently poorly or there was a sudden drop in productivity, take time to engage with the worker concerned. This person may be undergoing a deep personal issue that’s preventing focus on work.

Establishing a supportive approach would not only help you find ways to work around the issue but would win your employee’s loyalty. That is a strong foundation for productivity. Be human. We all have those days. When reprimanding, do so in private and avoid using derogatory speech. If anyone deserves praise, jump at the chance.

Make leadership training a priority among management.

Provide professional training to management of all levels and the human resources (HR) department so they’re equipped in the proper way of encouraging workers and dealing with problems. They should be taught how to spot serious cases and handling them.

For example, you suspect your employee is a regular drug user, which creates possibilities for dangerous situations. The worker’s direct head and HR department should know how to approach the individual and ask them to take, say, a marijuana drug test which more companies are using right now. The company should also provide quality drug testing kits for ready use should the need arise.

Allow them to prepare as well, dont hasten them just because you need it.

There are a lot of reasons why there are deadlines and one of which is being able to set up expectations for other clients. And most of the time deadlines result to profits. However, you don’t need to continuously remind your workers that they need to finish it before the date.

It will make them more restless, stressed out which will come to poor productivity. When you need them to drug test, also let them prepare for better or for worst. You would say so much if you let your employees see that their feelings are being considered rather than treating them like robots.

Allow employees to take part.

Don’t limit it to them, though. Arrange for similar training, team building and other activities that include the rank-and-file. You’ll spot potential leaders and would be honing these skills at the same time.

While not everyone would be moving up to management level, it’s important to continuously improve people skills and the working relationship between staff and firm leaders. Subordinates should be encouraged to take an active role in self-improvement and to work together with their superiors on ways to increase productivity.

Provide incentives.

Organizations tend to make the mistake of focusing on rewarding the upper management. If you expect the middle management to supervisors and even to the entry-level employees to be committed to their jobs and to the company, show the same commitment to them.

A good incentive program shows your commitment towards forming an environment where they’re welcome. It also reflects commitment to helping them grow. Commitment begets commitment.

What about you? How do you find ways to increase employee productivity?

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