Is College Always the Right Choice?

Which is better a public or private college?

College – It’s something that about 70% of people think of as the next logical step after they get out of high school. And, with the majority of the population still seeing its value in the modern age, it’s clear it’s a good choice. But, is college the right choice? Is it always the best choice?

Training for a career you really want is going to take a lot of your time and effort, and a lot of your money. A lot. And because of that, we always have to be sure about the choices we make to get there. One of those big choices is going to be the kind of college you want to go to give you the best possible chance, but is college always the right answer for you? It’s the most traditional, but it’s no guarantee. So with this in mind, here’s a couple of reasons to double check your decision.

Employers Are Different Now

College is something we invested a lot of stock into back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. But in the modern day, more and more colleges are asking for money from their students, graduates, and alumni. And, sometimes that’s impossible to pay up. And everyone is feeling that lack of income, and that means the employers there are out there have different needs for a workforce to fulfill.

People want to experience more than anything nowadays, and that means getting a job straight out of high school is going to go far for your resume. If you’ve been put through a retail training program, or you have months of experience in cleaning work you can boast about, you can easily get into a higher position you’d otherwise think you didn’t have the qualifications for. It’s something incredibly valuable to an employer, as it paints you as a responsible team member, able to take the initiative and run things on your own.

You Can Learn Online

Online learning has been taking more and more of a front seat in the past five years or so. Nanodegree programs, casual hobby courses, etc. Whatever it is you like to do, there’s a chance there’s an online center for training in it! And, there’s a lot of collection sites out there for you to find thousands of these resources in one place, and you can pick and choose at your discretion.

So, we know there are all kinds of training programs online, like that of an AS degree, something you’d usually only be able to complete as a bachelor in a more traditional setting. Is that something so prestigious right at your fingertips? Why not spend some time considering this? It could be worth it if the idea of college is far too intimidating, and yet is still something you’d want to try out; find a way around the problem, and you’re going to be just fine.

College doesn’t have to be the next choice you make, so don’t jump into an application for it without seriously thinking about!

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