Joany Review – The Easiest Way to Get Health Insurance

Joany Review

Health insurance is an incredibly complicated issue, especially if you aren’t completely covered by your spouse or employer’s health insurance policy. When it comes to making health insurance more affordable, the issue gets even more challenging for consumers. That’s because the markets are so volatile and premium prices seem to rise faster than individuals’ incomes can keep up with.

Fortunately, there’s a health concierge out there that wants to simplify the process for you and find the best coverage at the best price possible for your unique health needs, and that’s Joany.  

Originally known as Impact Health, Joany leverages data analysis and predictive models to make it easier for consumers to navigate the health insurance marketplace. The company was founded with the goal of making healthcare processes more transparent through top-notch customer service and simplified web tools.

They can help anyone living in the 50 U.S. states find a health plan to meet their needs. If you’d like to stop stressing over your own health insurance and try out Joany’s free service, here are some things to know about the healthcare concierge company.

Joany Review

Healthcare Concierge Service 

According to a recent study conducted by Joany, 78% of people have reportedly chosen their health plans by themselves without assistance from a healthcare expert. 52% of those people are dissatisfied with the healthcare plan they ultimately purchased.

This is why Joany is on a mission to help consumers figure out what the best insurance options are available. They want to make sure people can stop wasting money on top-tiered plans they don’t need.

Joany’s healthcare concierge service is simple, not only can you complete the assessment and health insurance plan comparison within approximately five minutes, but you can also use Joany to dispute or resolve unexpected medical bills as well. Joany offers several channels for rapid communication with its users via text message, online chat, email, and over the phone.

How is Joany Free?

Joany doesn’t cost its users anything to use. In fact, the company’s FAQ page claims its service will be “free forever”.

This works because healthcare companies pay $12 per month (per user) to Joany so you get the benefits without the added expense. Your information isn’t sold to third-party advertisers and remains strictly within Joany’s database.

Joany also offers all healthcare options available to consumers in the United States, so you won’t have to worry about favoritism getting in the way of the best health plan recommendations on Joany’s platform.

Why Would Consumers Use Joany?

Since health insurance is such a confusing process for anyone looking for a new plan or trying to save money on health care expenses, Joany is immensely useful when it comes to saving you time and money.

Why spend hours researching different health insurance plans, comparing insurance quotes from different companies, and reviewing the major details of plans you’re considering when Joany’s algorithm can do all of this legwork for you?

Better yet, Joany can go a step further by helping you find in-network doctors based on your current plan, find insurance plans that cover your prescription medications, add family members to your insurance plan, and answer any other health insurance-related questions you might have along the way. When you submit a question through the online chat platform located in the Concierge section of your account, Joany will either email you with a response, or you can speak to a live representative over web chat or over the phone.

Should You Sign Up with Joany?

Joany is ideal for anyone who wants to save time searching for health insurance plans. Whether you’re struggling with an unexpected medical bill or you simply want more help finding a plan that suits your health-related needs at a price you can afford, you have little to lose by trying out Joany.

You have so much to gain from having a personal healthcare concierge available to help you manage your health insurance plan. Joany’s website claims they save consumers over $4,000 per year with their data-driven concierge service.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to get the healthcare you need without the overwhelming paperwork and frustrations traditionally associated with the comparison shopping process.

Joany Review

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