Living and Working in Ottawa – Everything You Need to Know to Be Successful

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Are you thinking about moving and working in Ottawa? The Federal Government is one of Ottawa’s largest employers, making it a desirable city to pursue long-term employment. With stable housing prices in a family-friendly market, Ottawa Real Estate is perfect for your next home.

Great Economy

Ottawa has a great economy and secure employment, which are great trends for real estate. Coupled with low-interest rates, the foundation for Ottawa’s real estate market is very strong.

Ottawa has one of the highest percentages of parks for residents in Canada. They’re scattered around the city with most neighborhoods within walking distance of at least a small park with a place for kids to play.

There are also dozens of larger parks where you can enjoy a picnic lunch and a game of frisbee. For people who like to get their exercise in the great outdoors, there are lots to choose from. Ottawa has many scenic bike paths, especially along our rivers. In the winter, there’s the canal, of course. 

National Capital Region

As part of the National Capital Region, Ottawa has many cultural attractions, including galleries, museums, and festivals. Ottawa also owns and operates dozens of other recreation facilities throughout the city including multi-purpose facilities and smaller recreation centers, seniors centers, parks, tennis courts, basketball courts, arenas, and outdoor rinks.

One of the greatest winter activities in Ottawa is skating along the Rideau Canal. You can rent a pair of skates, and skate the longest outdoor skating rink in the world!

Employment Options

Ottawa’s biggest employer is the federal government, and Canadian citizens are generally given preference when it comes to government jobs. The city is also home to several major national institutions, as well as foreign embassies and non-profit organizations, which employ a large number of expats.

Ottawa is a thriving business and technology hub. Other leading industries for employment include health and social services, education, high-tech industries, and manufacturing. For most jobs in Ottawa, expats will be expected to speak fluent French or English. Speaking both will be even more advantageous.  


Ottawa is home to 14 National Museums – Canadian Museum of History, Canadian Children’s Museum, Canadian Postal Museum, The National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Laurier House, Royal Canadian Mint, Library and Archives Canada, Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada, Canadian Museum of Nature, Canadian War Museum, Canadian Science and Technology Museum, and the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.

Are you thinking about moving and working in Ottawa? Ottawa really does have everything – a strong economy, plenty of job opportunities, and an insanely varied choice of leisure activities. Alongside this, the city’s recent regeneration has added to its impressive unemployment rates, healthcare system, and sustainable lifestyle, all of which clearly define the drive and innovation at the heart of Canada’s fantastic capital.

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