4 Long Term Investments to Seriously Consider

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Long term Investments are great because they are mostly passive income that you can build over time. Fast investments are great too, but they can be more volatile. Long term investments have the ability to find their way and mature giving you a great payday, but have you considered long term active investments? Here are a few long term active investments that you may want to consider.

Real Estate

Real estate is the best investment that matures over time and can still bring in active income as the years go by. Purchasing a piece of land and building on it will allow you to rent out the property for the cost of keeping the property, i.e. paying taxes and paying off the mortgage. If you can buy the property outright then everything is just profit in your pocket. 

Lease a Cell Phone Tower

If that land of yours is in a prime location for a cell phone tower, major telecommunications companies will pay a great sum of money to put a tower on your building or on your land. Consult with cell tower lease experts to know the ins and outs of the agreement.

There are several ways you can get what you want at the price you want and keep the lease going for as long as you wish. With such a major company willing to pay a large sum of money to make their clients happy, you can invest in this contract for a long time and continuously bring in large amounts of income. 

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Invest In a Restaurant

Restaurants can produce huge profits when they are run correctly. There is very little overhead in a restaurant, which enables restaurant owners and chefs to be able to sell at a high price but buy at a low cost.

If you invest enough money into a business venture of this kind, you can see an ROI in a short amount of time allowing you to start making big profits. Employment costs are also typically low in restaurants because of the tip-based payment structure, which means restaurants can produce huge financial profits relatively quickly allowing you to be pocketing profits before you know it. 

Invest in the Stock Market

The old tried and true stock market is always a way to actively invest and continue to produce an income. Investments of this kind are best done through a stockbroker who can monitor the ins and outs of the market all day long advising you when to buy and sell. It is a volatile way to go about actively investing, but when you invest wisely enough, you have the ability to make a great amount of income.

Again, long term investments will go up and down, which is why they are long-term. The purpose is to keep generating money, but you must keep in mind that the money will be great some days and terrible other days, which means that your investments cannot be your only source of income. 

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