6 Simple Ways to Make Extra Money in a Few Minutes a Day

Is there anyone who doesn’t want or need some extra cash? Whether you’re still a student, or job hunting, or even retired, there are some things you can do on the sideline – all legal – to put some extra money in your pocket. 

You might have a full-time job, but that doesn’t always mean you make enough money. So, you want to make that little extra in a simple and easy way, that won’t affect your day job. The ideal scenario would be doing something you really enjoy, that wouldn’t feel like you’re actually working. 

So, let’s take a look at 6 ways to earn a little extra money that you can start trying today!

House sitter

Is there an easier way to get money other than just sitting in a house? We doubt! A house sitter is needed when people have to leave their house for a certain period of time due to travel or maybe a hospital stay, or any other reason.

They’d prefer having someone sort of ‘babysit’ their house, usually for security reasons. Check around your neighborhood for a start, and see if anyone needs a house sitter, or put up an ad offering your services.

Game tester

If you thought house sitting was nice, it gets even better by getting paid to play. Game testers, support a game development team by playing versions of a game under development and reporting any bugs that they find.

Game testers play and look for bugs or other defects, and submit a bug report to the game development team so they can try to fix it, among other tasks. New games come out all the time, so you could find lots of opportunities. 

Survey taker

Make Money With Paid Online Surveys

If you think no one cares about your opinion, think again. Taking surveys is one of the most popular ways to make extra money and one of the most flexible ways since it’s always done from home. Home survey takers can make anywhere between $0.25 to $5 or more per survey, depending on how involved it is and how much time it takes to complete. 

A really remarkable option is explained in Teach Me! Personal Finance’s guide to taking paid online surveys for money. You’ll be expected to do tasks like watching videos, answer online surveys, product testing, comparing travel deals, and more, in exchange for points.

The points you gain can then be exchanged for different rewards, including cash, gift cards, and prizes. Every platform is a bit different, and earning points may be quicker on one site, but slower on another.

Ads on your car

If you’ve got a car, there are several ways to make extra cash. One of these ways is to have your car be used as an advertising platform where ads can be placed on your car for clients. This works better for those who use their car for longer commutes. As long as you’re driving around, you’re not going to be losing anything.

Errand runner

Lots of people, especially the elderly or someone who is sick, need help with their errands. You don’t have to have a car for this, though a car can make things easier. But you can just use a bike, or even go on foot for small errands, such as grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning, delivering items, or any sort of errand that a person needs and you can do. You can set your own fees fairly, and you’ll find lots of people around you who will be interested in using your services.

Pet sitter

Ways for Pet Lovers to Make Money

For the animal lover, and there are plenty, being a pet sitter isn’t just a way to make money, but a way to be totally in their element with the animals they love so much. People often have to postpone or even cancel travel plans for the sake of their pets because they can’t just take off and leave their pets behind, alone.

Enter you, ready to take care of the pet, making sure they have enough food and water or take the pooch out for their walks. Note that for any reason you might have an emergency to take the pet to a vet, so a lot is riding on your responsibility. 

As you can see, making extra money is about finding what interests you and taking responsibility. Some of these ways and others could even turn into a full time living. You can improve your finances, and reach your goals quicker when you lessen your expenses while making extra money at the same time. 

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