How to Make Money on the Side at College

College can be an expensive experience to say the least. Even with all of the grants, loans and scholarships out there, you may find that you need money for other expenses too.

There are many opportunities out there for you to choose from though, and if you are able to seize the moment, then you’ll soon find that you can come out on top.

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Tutor Other Students

Do you excel at a certain subject? If so, then why not think about tutoring someone else or even one of your peers. If you want, you can check at the employment office for your university and find out if there are any programs going. You can also sign up for tutoring at an online help service if you want.

This will help you to set your own rates as well as your own terms. Remember that happy clients tend to be the best source of new business, so after you have made a few good connections, let them know that you are available to take on even more work if they can recommend you to anyone. If you need a website, then is a great resource.

Get a Work-Study Job

When you submit your college forms, you may qualify for a work-study role on the campus grounds. This will be a part-time job that you can undertake, and it gives you plenty of time to get your schoolwork done as well.

Common gigs include working on the front desk or even working in administration. Either way, this is a fantastic way for you to make some more money.

Edit and Proofread

Editing and proofreading is another fantastic way for you to make a good amount of money when you are in college. For a lot of people, writing is one of the hardest things that they will do while in college.

This is especially the case if English is not actually their first language. If you are able to offer your services as a proofreader or something else similar, then this will work in your favor far more than you realize.

Become a Tour Guide

If you are very outgoing and you absolutely love to meet new people, then why not think about becoming a tour guide? When you do, you can show people around who may be interested in signing up with the college, and you can also do your bit to let them know what you like about the school on a personal level.

People who work in admissions often need help answering questions from students and their families, so this is a fantastic way for you to share your experience with other people so that they can follow in your footsteps.

Become a TA

Even though some schools reserve TA jobs for students who have graduated, it should be noted that some graduates and some universities often offer jobs like this to undergraduates.

They also give you the chance to do a bit of training as well, which is a fantastic way for you to ensure that you are expanding your skills as well as furthering a potential career in teaching.

Research Assistant Jobs

If you have your undergraduate degree already, then why not try and become a research assistant? When you undertake this kind of role, you will have the job of collecting data in a lab for a college professor.

This is a great way for you to make money, and you may even find that it is a good way for you to earn some more college credits. Make sure that you have a chat with your professor and your advisor to see if they can help you learn more about the opportunities that are out there.

Work in the Recreation Centre

A lot of universities or colleges will have a reaction centre. This is where students can be hired to become part of a staff team.

If you are passionate about fitness, then this is a fantastic way for you to earn money, and you may even find that you can work the gym front desk too. Sometimes you can even train to be a lifeguard, and this can really help you to make the most out of your situation.

Work in Campus Dining

If you have a strong passion for food, then this is another way for you to make money on-campus. Jobs may range from you restocking the food stations to making sandwiches.

Either way, training in this position will teach you how to handle food while also giving you a good understanding of the food codes.

Work in a Restaurant

If you want to work off-campus or if you know that there are just no opportunities out there for you at college, then you can try and work in a restaurant instead.

This is a fantastic way for you to gain some real industry experience, and you may even find that you can earn your fair share of money in tips too, which will help you to rocket your potential income.

Become a Driver

If you have a reliable car, then it’s very easy for you to pick up a driving job. You can drive for Uber, or you can even sign up with Lyft if you want.

Either way, when you sign up for a job like this, you may find that you can easily have the freedom of working your own hours, which is a major bonus. You will need proof of your car insurance if you want to get started with this, and you will also need to pay tax on your earnings too, so keep this in mind if at all possible.

Deliver Food

Food delivery is a very popular job for those who need to make some extra money. When you deliver food, you may find that you can make money through tips, and this can be a great way for you to rocket the amount of earning potential that you have when you are in college.

There are many opportunities to make money in college. If you are able to seize the moment, then you’ll find that you can come out on top.

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