5 Easy Ways to Make Money on the Side

Make Money on the Side

If you’re having a hard time paying your bills each month or you’d just rather have more money for vacations, then a side gig might be the perfect option for you. A side gig is something you can work on in the evenings and weekends, separate from your day job, that brings in some extra money and make money on the side.

5 Easy Ways to Make Money on the Side

The perfect side gig has a good balance between time spent and money earned, since you wouldn’t want to slave away your entire evening, only to earn forty bucks. To find a side gig that’s relatively easy, but pays off well, consider implementing one of these five.

Become a Landlord

Landlords don’t have an easy job if they rent a ton of property. Since you’re aiming for a side gig, however, you can start with just one rental. You still need to be available in case of a broken dishwasher, broken furnace, or rats in the basement (we hope not.) Even though you need to be ready to meet your tenant’s needs, one rental won’t cause you much of a headache. Plus, you can even advertise a rental property for free and start getting tenants in no time.

Start a Website

A great way to make money on the side (and not put in too much work) is to create an online business. You can set up an online retail store and make money anytime someone makes a purchase through your site. As long as you put in the hours it takes to make your site popular, you could be gaining a good passive income in two to three years.

Become a Freelancer

The life of a freelancer can pay really well… if you know what you’re doing. You may want to break into graphic design, freelance writing or online marketing, but if you have next to no experience, you’ll have to settle for jobs that don’t pay enough. If you’ve got a valuable skill, and experience to match, however, you could clock in for a few hours each weekend and the occasional weeknight, and boost your monthly earnings.

Pet Sit

If pets sound like the greatest thing ever, then pet sitting might be the perfect side gig for you. You can get hired to a pet sitting company where customers leave you ratings, giving you a better chance of getting hired next time. If cuddling with a collie or feeding fish (maybe not the fish) sound like the perfect side job to you, then pet sitting might be the perfect way to make extra cash.

Rent Your Vehicle

If you don’t drive too often, you could be making money any time you’re not using your car. A site like Getaround helps connect you to people who want to rent your car. Insurance is included, so you can feel good about offering your car to someone who needs to borrow it–for a nice fee, of course. Instead of letting your car sit in your garage, you can make money by literally doing nothing–since your car is earning all that money for you.

Make Money on the Side

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