How a Master’s in Public Administration Can Help You Run the Show

Earning a Masters of Public Administration offers you the opportunity to become your own boss. In the process of gaining your degree, you’ll learn much more than how to communicate with employees and the public.

You’ll learn how to form limited liability corporations and how to use a trademark to differentiate your brand. And if you don’t want to build a company from scratch, there are several jobs in both the public and private sectors where a Masters of Public Administration will boost you to the top.

Below are only a few examples of how an MPA can lead you to run the show.

Masters of Public Administration Jobs

City Director

The city director oversees the daily operations of all city departments and staff. The city director is also responsible for maintaining the city budget and creating a proposal that the city council will consider and possibly approve.

Most of today’s city directors have obtained a Master’s in Public Administration and have several years of experience leading various branches within local government.

Community Health Director

Though someone with a Bachelor’s degree could gain employment as a community health director, most communities prefer a graduate degree. While an MPA isn’t a specific job requirement, the courses a graduate will have completed complement the skills required to get this job.

Strong communication, team building, public speaking, and organizational skills, are among the skills this director will need. An MPA arms you with these as well as the ability to design and carry out programs designed to promote health and prevent disease.

CEO of a Company

The CEO is at the top of the chain of command in any given organization. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for establishing the organization’s brand. The CEO presides over a board of directors or starts a company him or herself.

A Master’s of Public Administration and a few years in a managerial role will go a long way toward the success of any particular CEO. People in this job are also responsible for ensuring they rise and remain among the best in their industry.

Managing Director

The managing director has many of the same responsibilities as the CEO but on a smaller scale. People in this job direct the daily activities of a specific department. They supervise, train, and guide employees.

It’s also the managing director’s job to hire and fire staff and assign roles to each employee. The managing director will maintain the company’s brand, and make sure employees do the same. The experience you’ll gain when pursuing an MPA will give you the skills you need for this job as well.

The best thing about having a Masters of Public Administration is that these positions are available wherever you go, and in abundance. Every city needs a director, and every company, a CEO.

Even if you don’t start out at the top, if you gain employment in a public administration field while earning your MPA, by the time you graduate you’ll have every qualification you’ll need to run the show yourself.

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