3 Common Mistakes Made By Injured Workers

A work injury report revealed that a whopping 7 million incidents occur annually. Serious injuries can cause an abrupt end to your work life and hurt your finances. Also, less severe damages can be inconvenient even if they don’t cause a drastic lifestyle change.  That said, what should you do when you suffer a work-related injury as injured workers? This article is a compilation of three mistakes to avoid.

One of the most important things to do is seek the services of an experienced attorney. Due to workers’ compensation cases’ tricky and demanding nature, it would be best to have an attorney guide you through the process as injured workers. Fortunately, several law firms, such as Melbourne’s Adviceline Injury Lawyers, have years of experience dealing with such matters. In addition, remember that the slightest mistake or misjudgment on your part can be the defining factor that denies you compensation.

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Sitting back and doing nothing is not only detrimental to your finances, but it leaves you open to exploitation by an insensitive employer. After all, employers are constantly poised to maximize their returns and avoid legal suits to mitigate loss. Did you know there is a timeframe to seek an attorney’s help after a workplace injury? Although some countries give up to two years from the day of injury, the best option is to seek legal representation as soon as you can.

Failing to file a claim

Because you have a short period to file a claim after suffering an injury from your workplace, it is recommended to do so immediately for injured workers. Admittedly, that will depend on your injury’s severity. If it is a debilitating one, you have the right to authorize a trusted colleague or relative to file on your behalf.

Although the procedures and time limits may vary depending on your location, it helps to know in advance what pertains to your region. According to labor experts, employees are responsible for researching claims filing and the unwelcome nuances that may come with it.

Over the years, employees who have suffered injuries claimed that the most challenging part of filing a claim is getting the employer to approve it. Although the law mandates employers to protect employees, the former tend to stretch claim approvals because of the need to prove the scope of injuries. That leads to the following point where prompt medical care is crucial.

Failing to seek prompt medical care

A qualified physician in an approved hospital is required to evaluate the extent of your injuries while offering treatment. Without their approval, there is no proof of the damage and will cause problems with your workers’ compensation and other claims you are entitled to.

Save Money on Medical Costs

Furthermore, labor experts advise that you disclose all injuries to the attending physician, no matter how insignificant. At this point, revealing some and leaving the other damages for later claims is equal to shooting yourself in the foot. The reason being, you cannot file claims in the future for injuries sustained in a past workplace accident.

In conclusion, filing for workers’ compensations and injury claims can be challenging if you fail to follow due process. Moreover, several factors come into play in determining how much you are entitled to. Hopefully, these points will guide you in the future.

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