What Are Modern Day Investments? And Why You Need to Know About Them

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Investments used to be merely depositing large amounts of money into a bank or savings account or maybe buying some shares. However, now, there are many different ways that you can invest some money and hopefully see a significant return on that investment with modern day investments.

Of course, as with any investment, it’s best to take some financial advice, I’m an independent financial advisor. Especially if you are thinking of investing a large amount of money.

But if you’re going to make an investment, it’s worth looking at all the options that are currently available and discovering new opportunities and modern-day investments that you may not have considered before. 

Peer-to-peer loans

Peer-to-peer loans are a relatively new idea, facilitated by companies that help manage these loans. If you have money to invest and you’re looking for a good return, peer-to-peer loans are a sensible option.

You are protected of course, so there isn’t as much rest as other options. But appear to be alone, with people borrow money from yourself and you end up with the interest that would’ve been paid to a bank; otherwise, it really is a win-win situation.


When bitcoin was first discovered many years ago, nobody knew the impact it would have at the time. Cryptocurrency may not be to everyone’s taste.

But if you are really into modern technology, and you have done your research, then bitcoin could be a good investment for you, just remember your bitcoin is heavily guarded by security and you must never forget the details you need to be able to recover those bitcoins. Bitcoin has however grown exponentially over time.

And it certainly doesn’t look as though it’s going away As the Italian site Inside Bitcoins says. So why not get on board and work out if there is an investment future in Bitcoin for you.

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A Side Hustle

The side hustle is something that a lot of people are talking about. Currently, most people have a skill or interest that they absolutely love to do outside of their employment.

If you’re able to turn your hobby into a career that you enjoy and love to do, then that is the holy grail. But investing in the tools that you need for your side hustle, or even just educating yourself more in this field will really give you a sense of achievement as well as become a very sensible investment in your future.

Your Health

Investing in your health is the most critical thing you can do, whether it’s a gym membership, or buying yourself a decent pair of shoes, you will not regret this one. We all have busy lives, and lots of things can throw us off track.

But even though this may not seem like it’s about monetary investment, it will save you a lot of time and energy further down the line if you prevent health-related problems by exercising, and eating well. Especially by the time you retire.

If you’re near retirement, make use of the information available on the retirement blogs and articles to find out how to live a healthy life post-retirement.

Ultimately if you are lucky enough to own some spare money to invest, you’re in a fantastic position. How are you invest that money can make a huge difference so think carefully! 

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