Top 10 Effective Money Saving Tips for College Students

The topic of money is painful for a lot of students. There’s no possibility to get a decent full-time job yet but you’re already an adult and should somehow make money for a living. Plus the student loans! They can get so large, people repay them late into their 40s if not more. Think about taking online courses like StraighterLine online business courses. The best thing to do now is to save money, but how to do it when there’s so much to see and try! We’ve found 10 tips for college students to save some bucks without hurting any of their plans.

Reasons to Add Fun Money to Your Budget

Money Saving Tips for College Students

1. Use Cheaper Student Help

When assignments start to put pressure on you, it’s wise to turn to professionals for help when looking for tips for college students. You can buy essays cheap using high-quality yet affordable services. They don’t charge you for the brand and offer great help in times of need.

Look for services that will provide you with good money to quality ratio and you’ll save a ton of money in the long run.

2. Plan a Budget

This can get quite interesting. Spend a month writing down everything you spend money on. You’ll see how many things aren’t planned and also aren’t quite useful.

Plan your budget and make it solid (which will require a lot of discipline and willpower). This will save you a lot of money and train your willpower! There are lots of tips on planning your budget online, make use of them. Getting on a budget is one of the best tips for college students.

3. Save on Online Shopping

You can find many more discounts online than in physical stores. When it comes to buying supplies for school or textbooks, try to find those on sale online.

You won’t regret it at the end of the month, seeing how much you have left. Plus, you’ll learn a lot of tips on online shopping and how to get stuff for cheap. Soon enough you’ll be able to find clothes and other things with a discount, looking rich with tiny price tags on your stuff.

4. Use Money-Saving Apps

Budget-planning, spending-tracking applications are a must if you’re only starting your way to saving finances. They can help you plan the week or month faster, see the results of your skills every day, and achieve goals.

A lot of these apps have aesthetically pleasing designs and will make your money-related goals much more achievable. Make it a game instead of torture, and you won’t feel like you’re in a cage just because you have to spend less money now.

5. Avoid Buying Stuff Impulsively

Sometimes we just buy stuff we don’t need to calm ourselves down or feel better after a tough day. It’s like comfort-eating, and neither of those habits is quite useful. Turn to yourself and think about a substitution that doesn’t involve binge-eating/watching/drinking/buying.

As a result, you’ll live a more mindful life, have less unnecessary stuff you don’t use, get your body in better shape, and save a lot of money! You’ll also improve discipline, which will help you with studies, and later, with work as well!

6. Work on Your Perception of Money

A lot of people connect fun and money in their minds. Just going for a walk with friends isn’t enough anymore, it’s not fun if you don’t have spare cash on your hands. Work on your thinking and separate money and fun.

Finances are an amazing thing, a resource that opens all kinds of possibilities for people, but if you’re in a tough situation at the moment, frustration won’t help. Have fun without spending a lot. Grab a coffee in a thermos from home and go for a walk with dear friends instead of going to Starbucks, and you’ll see what we mean!

7. Know Your Discounts

Students can get a whole lot of discounts for literally everything from food to public transportation and travel. Learn about the opportunities you have, go online, join student unions, use every chance there is. All the discounts combined can help you save at least 30% of the money you usually spend on basic things.

8. Choose Universal Streaming Platforms

Look for alternatives that can help you save money on streaming platforms. Instead of buying subscriptions from Netflix and Spotify, get YouTube Premium, for example. You can listen to music there and watch movies. If there are any other ways to consolidate streaming platforms that you know, use them to your advantage! 

9. Get Your Tax Back

Everything tax-related seems quite difficult but you can actually get some of it back if you’re knowledgeable. Go online and look for information about laws in your state.

You can also get a consultation from a professional or talk to a friend who knows anything about the matter. A lot of people don’t know these intricacies and lose quite a lot of money. Don’t be one of such people.

10. Apply for Student Funding

If you’re studying well or have other achievements that might help, apply for student funding. There are programs in every city and almost any educational institution. Don’t be afraid to go to your teacher’s office and ask for opportunities. This will show you as a great student and a candidate for the current program!

Extra Tip – You can also save money by taking on a side hustle. A good one is by teaching English online.

Use all of these if you can and in several months you’ll already see improvement. Get disciplined and don’t leave money-saving for tomorrow because tomorrow you might already need that amount.

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