What Does the Term “No Out of Pocket Costs” Really Mean in Personal Injury Cases?

If you have been researching attorneys to represent you in a personal injury case, it is certain that you have come across various law offices that state there are “no out of pocket costs” to their clients during the course of a lawsuit. While you are on your search, it is certain that cost is a major factor, and the price tag that many believe will be attached to a lawsuit might even dissuade them from trying to recover damages that they rightfully are owed. If you are out of work and recovering from your injuries, then it is even more important that you feel comfortable with the financial obligations you will make to your attorney.

Finding the right personal injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale requires that you understand how and when you will be paying for their services. Read more below to understand what they mean when they say that there are no out of pocket costs so that you can proceed with confidence.

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What Are Out of Pocket Expenses?

When you hear the term “out of pocket expenses” in relation to legal fees, it describes any sort of cost that goes towards your case. This can include court filing fees, payments to expert witnesses, and other expenses that go directly towards the legal process.

In addition, if your attorney requires the counsel of an outside expert during the course of your case, the payment will be an out of pocket expense. These expenses are to be expected as you and your attorney deal with your case, but be sure to discuss the exact way they handle them before agreeing to hire them. This is a great thing to bring up during an initial consultation.

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What Are Attorney Fees?

Your attorney fees are the amount that you pay to hire and retain your personal injury lawyer. Before you hire your attorney, you will discuss the fee schedule for their services, and you will have a clear understanding of what to expect. Some attorneys will charge fees by the hour, others may take a percentage of your final settlement amount.

It is important that you understand how your attorney fees will work before beginning a lawsuit, so you won’t need to worry about finances when you are already in the process. A trustworthy law firm will disclose their payment methods up front, during an initial consultation. Although you will not have an exact number before you finish your case, you will have an idea of what to expect no matter what happens during the process.

What Does “No Out Of Pocket Costs” Mean?

When your attorney says that there are no out of pocket costs, they mean that you will not be charged for them throughout the process of your case. When you have reached a settlement with the defendant, all court costs, plus your contingency or attorney fees, will be deducted from the final amount that you will take home.

Many personal injury firms operate with this payment agreement because it takes pressure off of their clients while they are moving through the court system and fighting for the damages they are owed. If your attorney does not require you to cover out of pocket expenses during a trial, you can focus on your case and recovery from your personal injury until the process is complete.

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