Investing In Your Retirement – 6 Critical Investments to Make Today

Reasons to Add Fun Money to Your Budget

There are many ways of putting money away for your retirement. While many people will favour saving their hard-earned money in a high-interest savings account, or by putting a percentage of their earnings into a pension plan each month, for many people, there are ways of increasing their available retirement income. 

By investing savings it might be possible to build onto your savings and increase the amount that you will have to retire with in your retirement. 

Getting The Right Advice Before You Invest

There are risks involved in any investment. The important thing before investing any money is that you understand where your money is going in your retirement. Do your research about the areas that you plan on investing in and find out about all of the risks that are involved.

There are plenty of places where you can get advice on where to put your money, however, it is important that you find unbiased sources. Many sources of advice may have vested interests in your investing in a certain area. 

Only Invest Money That You Can Afford To Lose

While some investments are less risky than others, it is essential that you understand that there is a risk inherent in all forms of investment. You may not be able to recoup all or some money that you have put into an investment in your retirement. 

There may be issues that will be out of your control. It is therefore vital that you don’t invest anything that you cannot afford to lose. Having a way of pulling your investment out before you lose it all is also something that is important. 

Investing In Stocks And Shares

Investing in the stock markets could potentially be a great way of earning a large amount of money. This is a very complicated form of investment in your retirement that is affected by a range of different factors including the performance of the stock market, consumer confidence, the way that the business you are investing in is managed, as well as how the wider economy is performing, there are many areas that you need to pay attention to. 

You could directly invest in stocks and shares, however, a very popular route is through managed funds. A fund will pool the investments of multiple people and the money can be invested in anything from shares and commodities right through to debt or even countries. Funds can vary dramatically in terms of risk, but often, the higher the risk, the greater the potential returns. 

One area that may require less input from the fund manager is index funds. This type of fund will have lower management fees. Index funds allow investors to own shares across an entire market index. Index funds offer a long-term investment prospect that takes out the element of guesswork. 

Investing In New Business Enterprises 

Businesses start every day. Some fail, many succeed. Most will need some form of investment. With the rise of crowdfunding, it is possible to invest very easily across a whole range of different business startups. Pick the right one to invest in and your money could end up going a very long way. 

With any business, it is not just their concept that you are investing in. The person behind the project has to have sufficient drive and business acumen in order to make it a success. So, before you throw your money into an area that you think the world will fall in love with, make sure that there are solid business plans in place and the person running the whole enterprise is worth investing in too. 

Invest In Property 

There are a few ways that you can invest in property. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. 

By buying a property that you intend to sell on for a profit, you could stand to earn a lump sum amount of cash within a short space of time. One of the best ways of buying this type of property would be at an auction. Many houses end up getting sold by auction because a mortgage company may refuse to lend money against it. This is usually because they need a considerable amount of work involved in restoring the property to a livable state.

You will get the property for a vastly reduced price, however, you will then need to invest time and money into the restoration of the house. Once you have restored the property, you can then sell it on and hopefully earn a very good profit. Often, investors that flip houses in this manner will repeat the process several times to increase their returns, or have a few houses at one time. 

The other option is the buy-to-let route. By buying a house and renting it out, you could earn a steady rental income over a long period of time. With this method, it may be possible to take out a mortgage, however, the amount that you would be looking to charge in rent would need to be considerably higher in order to generate a strong return. 


Buying digital currencies has become a popular way of earning money in recent years. With the rise in popularity of BitCoin, there has been a huge rush to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. 

Trading in cryptocurrencies relies on their value rising after you have bought them and then selling them again while they are at their peak. 

There are over three thousand different cryptocurrencies in existence, and more-and-more are released all the time. While many people look for the next BitCoin, the fact is that most of the money in crypto is in just a small handful of currencies. 

There are some major players that are yet to launch yet, there may be some major investment opportunities that will rival the massive rise in the value  BitCoin of late 2017. For a while, it looked as though Facebook’s Libra currency may take the crown, however, several issues surrounding the U.S. regulators seem to be causing the currency to even leave the starting block. 

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