When Payday Goes From Pay Yay, To Pay No

Payday is a firm favorite for everyone. Nothing beats waking up and checking your bank first thing. When you see those juicy figures, you can rest easy that you have money for at least that one day. Sure, bills and rent payments may soon drain the savings again. But, it’s better to have had and lost, and all that…

But, the payday buzz can die fast if your earnings aren’t as they should be. The majority of us experience a messed-up pay packet at least once in our lives. Buzzkill aside, seeing an empty account when it should be full can cause significant stress. You can’t pay your bills from an empty account. Even one missed payment could lead to losing electricity, gas, or water. Plus, it’d be down to you to square things with the landlord.

To make sure the issue doesn’t spread that far, take the following steps. Otherwise, your pay yay could become your pay no.

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Know how much you should have received

Most of us know roughly how much we get paid. If you’re on a salary, this won’t vary from month to month. If you work on an hourly rate, it’s important to keep an unofficial total of what you work. That way, you can take your hours straight to your boss, and hopefully sort the issue fast.

This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Simply logging your times in a diary, like the ones found at kikki-k.com, will do the trick. Write how much you earn each day, then calculate your monthly earnings. If the issue is with your clocking card, taking a step like this is a sure way to get your money as soon as possible.

Approach human resources immediately

Before starting work for the day, it’s essential you approach HR. Do this the moment you set foot in the place. Failure to report issues early can lead to delays. Plus, not knowing what’s happening will stress you Don’t do it to yourself. Get the ball rolling first thing.

If your HR department uses H2R software, as found on sites like DataServ.com, they should be able to find out what’s happening at the click of a button. With a bit of luck, they’ll be able to get your payment to you within a few hours. Even if not, they can contact head office, and get things rolling from there.

Chase the issue

This point may seem unfair, but it’s also crucial; it’s down to you to chase this issue. You’re within your rights to refuse to work until you get paid. If you don’t feel your request has been taken seriously, you could turn to this to speed things up.

If, however, HR seems to have taken your comments on board, make sure to check back in throughout the day. Let them know when your bills come out. Then, keep checking with them each hour or so to make sure your money is on its way into your account.

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