Review–The App that Motivates You to Pay Off Debt Review

You’ve probably already heard all the shocking facts and statistics about student loans nowadays. There’s a $37,000+ average debt load per graduate, hundreds of thousands of graduates in default on their repayments, family members struggling to help students repay their loans, student loans forcing people to forgo homeownership and even starting families.

Enough is enough. Instead of getting too caught up in the bad news, let’s start focusing on some realistic solutions. That’s what wants to do. Their goals is to help college graduates and their families make the savviest financial decisions regarding their student loan repayments.

Even if you made mistakes on your FAFSA, borrowed more than you needed, or can’t keep up with your current payments, can help you find a better way out. After all, Payitoff’s founder originally built the program to help his wife and himself escape student loan debt.

Whether you have $2,000 or $100,000 in student loans, will find ways you can save money that you hadn’t even considered. They’ve already helped countless borrowers save over $560,000 in interest payments. Review

Save Money on Student Loan Repayments

If you’re hoping for student loan forgiveness programs to be your golden ticket out of debt, then think again. These programs are currently being scaled back. That means you need to devise alternative strategies for conquering your student loan debt.

With, you can calculate how much you owe and how much you can expect to pay in interest over the course of the loan. All you need are some basic details about your loan. That includes interest rate, current amount borrowed, and the amount you’re repaying each month. will calculate how long it’ll take you to pay off your loan, as well as how much you’ll pay overall.

Payitoff’s Free Plan offers both free and paid options. The free option is available to anyone who’s curious about different payoff strategies and simple loan calculations. Once you input your loan information into Payitoff’s calculator, you’ll be able to see some general ideas for paying it off sooner. Plus, you can see how much money in interest you could save by following Payitoff’s advice.

Payitoff’s free version also lets you set reminders for making extra payments each month. You can choose how much you want to pay on top of your usual payment and when you’d like to receive the email reminders. If you decide you want a more customized plan of action for tackling your student loan debt, then you might want to consider paying for Payitoff’s personalized services.

Payitoff’s Personalized Student Loan Plan 

For a one-time fee of $99, you can get a completely personalized plan from, which includes a transparent and comprehensive overview of your student loan situation. This is ideal for anyone with five-figure student loan debt, multiple loans, and private student loans. When you sign up, does the difficult math for you to discover little-known ways to save money on your student loans through lower-interest repayment options.

If ultimately can’t help you save money on your loans, then you’ll be refunded the entire $99. This minimizes your risk of losing any money while maximizing your potential to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on student loan interest.

Should You Try

It’s time to stop paying attention to those common misconceptions about student loans and work on a repayment strategy that works for you. There are so many factors that go into the process that generic advice about student loans might not fit your unique situation.

This is what makes so useful. It tailors your payoff plan to align with your income, lifestyle, and repayment goals, rather than leaving you to assume you’re getting the best interest rate from your current provider. is designed to provide greater transparency in the student loan repayment process, so you can get out of the cycle of debt and enjoy the fruits of your labor that you worked so hard for during your college career. Review

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