Top 5 Rules for Picking a Business Name

Rules for Picking a Business NameEvery business needs a name. But, what you may not realize is that choosing the name of your new company could be the most important decision you’ll make in the beginning.

When customers hear your business name, it can either have a powerful impact on the way they view the company or it could have a negative impact if you choose the wrong name.

Today, we’d like to help you make the best decision possible when picking your name.

So if you take the time to learn and use these five rules, you’ll have no problem picking a name that inspires confidence in your abilities to help customers far and wide.

1. Pick a Name that’s Easy to Remember and Pronounce

Some companies like to use made up names when creating the name of their company. Other companies like to choose nonsensical phrases.

Guess what?

This isn’t always the best idea. But, that’s not to say that it’s a completely terrible idea since companies like Google, Yahoo, and the like have had some success with this type of name.

In truth, these names really don’t mean anything to people. So they are easily forgettable and they really don’t tell people the identity of your brand.

Instead, you should choose a name that is simple to pronounce, straightforward to remember, and one that helps promote your brand.

2. Simplicity Is the Key to Choosing a Great Business Name

It’s a good idea to choose a shorter, simpler name when naming your business.


For starters, it’s a heck of a lot easier to remember a shorter business name than it is to remember a longer one. And it’s a lot easier for customers to write down a shorter name on a check when it comes time to pay you.

Ultimately, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to remember and write down your great business name. By keeping it short, you are helping your customers a great deal.

Another tidbit is to name your company starting with a letter at the beginning of the alphabet.

Some search directories are alphabetized, so your company will show up as one of the first if this is the case.

3. Your Name Should Make Sense

Rules for Picking a Business NameBusiness owners have a tendency to use nonsensical words to name their business. This is not really a good idea in most cases.

Why is this a bad idea? It’s kind of risky believe it or not.

What if your nonsensical name happens to actually exist in a different language other than your own? And what if that name has a negative meaning?

Instead of choosing the nonsensical, stick with commonsense names that people will know, like, and easily understand.

It’s much better to play it safe than sorry.

4. Avoid Names That Are Difficult to Spell

When you create your business name, you should always pick one that your customers will have an easy time spelling.

For starters, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to “Google” your name in case they need to find more information about the business.

If the name is difficult to spell, they might spell it wrong and never find you.

So avoid difficult spellings at all costs to prevent this from happening.

5. Check the Secretary Of State’s Website to Find out If the Name Is Available

It’s quite possible that somebody already took your name. So you should check with the Secretary of State to see if it’s still available.

According to, a business search website, “Find information on any corporation or business entity in the United States by performing a search on the Secretary of State website of the state or territory where that corporation is registered.”

If you follow these five rules, you’ll have no problem choosing the perfect name for your business.

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