Six Ways to Reduce Your Tax Return Stress

Everybody knows that when the tax return season starts to loom over you, there is a certain degree of stress. No matter where you are in the financial or business world, it’s something that most people approach with some degree of trepidation.

If you get it wrong, there may be unexpected huge payments or even legal troubles, and even if you get it right, filing your own return can be very stressful and take up a great deal of time. These tips should help to reduce tax return stress for you.

How to Claim an Income Tax Refund

Get Prepared Early

There are very few things as stressful as the last minute rush. If you’re the sort of person who thrives on rushing through an airport with seconds to make it before your plane takes off, then why not wait until the last moment to file your tax return?

But if the thought of that makes your blood run cold – and frankly, it should! – then you should make sure that you get prepared for your tax return as early as possible. Mark the date in your diary so that you know when it is, and don’t leave it until the last moment to get all your information together. Getting something out of the way quickly means that it won’t be hanging over your head, so you’ll feel a lot less pressured about it

Record Your Charity Donations

Depending on where you live, charity donations are exempt from tax or subject to tax relief, so make sure that you keep a record of your donations through the year so that you can file them correctly. This means that you won’t have to pay tax on that, or even that the charity may receive an even larger donation – it’s a win-win situation.

Gather Your Information Carefully

Through the year, make sure that you’re extremely careful when you’re gathering and filing your tax return information. When the end of the tax year rolls around, you won’t want to be scrambling through boxes to find old receipts and searching your email inbox for old messages with scraps of information that you may or may not need. The best thing to do is to file away all this information as soon as you get it.

So, that you have it close to hand when the time comes to file your tax return. You may need to get some information from your employer, and if that’s the case, it’s good to be able to look at it alongside the information that you have collected to ensure that everything looks correct. Don’t just trust your employer to get it perfectly right for you – if you’re on top of your taxes, you’re much more likely to get it all correct. 

Check The Tax Laws

It’s important to remember that tax laws aren’t the exact same every year – sometimes there are changes, and you need to keep an eye on the news so that you are prepared for that. Make sure that you read all the small print – just because you breezed through your return last year, it won’t necessarily be the same this year as well. 

Hire An Accountant

Let’s face it: filing a tax return isn’t easy for everybody, and if it’s something that’s causing you a huge amount of worry and stress, life’s probably too short to worry too much about it. Instead, why not hire a tax accountant?

Speaking to a professional who specializes in tax will ensure that everything gets done absolutely correctly – so you won’t have to worry about paying the wrong amount, filling in the wrong form, or accidentally submitting the wrong thing. Talking to a professional is always a great call.

Consider Your Personal Information

This may seem obvious, but do you have all your personal information? You may think you know everything about your student loan figures and about your bank details and about the various numbers that the government requires you to have, but the fact remains that for a lot of people, it’s when they sit down in front of their tax return that they suddenly realize that they actually don’t know as much about themselves as they thought.

Make sure that you get all your information together before you start the tax return process – nobody wants to have to call their parents’ house at 2 am in an attempt to find out what their social security number is. 

Tax returns can be difficult and stressful, but hopefully, these easy tips will ensure that it’s as painless a process for you as possible!

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