Making Your Rent To Own Real Estate Attractive To Tenants

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Making Your Rent To Own Real Estate Attractive To TenantsFirst impressions are very significant when renting out your property, minor things can quickly put potential tenants off, but making a few slight modifications can up your appeal and sway them in the right direction. A well-presented property will entice the right sort of tenants and help you to make your rent to own real estate attractive to tenants.

Make Sure It’s Clean

If it is clean and welcoming when they first view the property it is very likely that they will work hard to uphold this, as this is what will have attracted them to your buy to let in the first place.

Cleanliness is of upmost importance. Dust and lingering smells could quickly put any one off. Open all the window and doors before a potential tenant comes around, filling the house with fresh air will make it much more appealing. Use pleasant smelling cleaning products but don’t go overboard.

Make sure you meticulously clean the house from top to bottom, dust surfaces and make sure the bathrooms and kitchen in particular are spotless. A grimy bathroom will put anyone off, make sure the grouting is clean and mould free bleach the toilets and sinks. Make sure the kitchen cupboards are cleaned inside and out.

Your Real Estate Needs Curb Appeal

‘Curb Appeal’ is a major priority, make sure the front of the property is clean and attractive. Make sure you weed and sweep all the paths and mow the lawns.

Unfurnished properties make life much easier for both yourself and the tenant. They are able to choose the items they want to put within the property and put their own personal touch on it. Furthermore when it comes to them departing there are fewer checks to do in respect of evaluating any damage that may have occurred.

Make sure all electrical items are checked every 12 months, this needs to be done by a qualified electrician, ensure the boiler is also serviced regularly. It is your job as the landlord to ensure the property and its appliances are safe for the tenant.

Organize Your Rent To Own Real Estate

Finally be organized! Make sure all of your tenant agreements are in place so both you and the new tenants know exactly where you are in regards to payment.

The majority of the time the rent you receive from the occupier is funding the mortgage upon your buy to let. So make sure you are clear about when you need to receive the rent by in order to avoid any late payment charges and possible damage to your credit rating.

You don’t invest in a rent to own real estate property every day. It is vital to make enquiries in order to to determine what offers are available to you in relation to your buy to let mortgage options. Many brokers will advise you for free there are also many comparison websites available for you to enter your information and find out the best option for you.

Ceri Harris is an underwriter at Willows Finance a secured loans company based in Wales.

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  1. I still don’t understand how tenants can expect to rent an appartment with poor pictures and by not emphasizing the best aspects of the place. Pictures have to be attractive and appealing in order to increase chances to get more results.


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