Top 4 Ways of Saving Money When Selling a House

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If you’re selling a house, you likely want the most profitable sale. You may be able to achieve this by using better services and updating certain features, but these added expenses can become too costly, and you can need a loan just to prepare your home for a sale. To avoid extra costs and still have a profitable sale, you must approach selling your house wisely. Here are a few ways to do so: 

1. Take Advantage of the Market

Before putting up your house, examine the market trends. Selling your property when there is a shortage of houses will give you the upper hand: you can hire a real estate agent for a lower commission, have a higher selling price, and pay fewer closing costs. Other real estate services like reconstruction and inspections will also be cheaper. You’ll be able to save money and benefit from optimal profits. 

2. Pay a Lower Commission

Having a real estate agent is often necessary to find good clients. They can help you add value to your home and are experienced in negotiations. Real estate agents take a commission from the sale and are your highest cost, so instead of hiring a reputable and experienced real estate agency, consider hiring a local realtor that is well versed in your area.

They may have lower commission rates, and it’s easier to negotiate with them. You can forgo some of the real estate agent’s added services, like inspection services, to hire them for less. This way, you can gain the advantage of the realtor’s experience and skill but save on costs.

3. Cost-Effective Repairs and Upgrades 

If you are not smart with your repairs and upgrades, you can spend lots of money in areas that do not add much value to your house. For example, remodeling a kitchen costs more than the resale value it adds to your home.

Instead of extensive upgrades, focus on efficient ones, like repainting the interiors and exteriors, repairing the roof, and fixing drainage and plumbing. These repairs are essential to a house’s proper function and are what buyers value. To save additional money, you can deal with some of the house repairs yourself, though this is not advised if you are a beginner.

4. Sell to a House Buying Company

The most economical and fastest way to sell your home is through a housebuying company. They require no repairs from your side, and you do not need a real estate agent to deal with them. Some housebuying companies, like Problem Property Pals, even help you with moving and legal issues if the house is inherited. You have to pay no service charges and can get direct cash from your house sale. 


While the above tactics can help you spend less money on a suitable sale, they can require much effort. Researching market trends requires a lot of patience and time, as you must constantly look at expert analyses and decide when is the right time to sell your property.

You will have to research all possible real estate agents and reconstruction contractors to find the ones with the most affordable services, and you’ll have to spend time on the back-and-forth negotiations of closing costs to bargain a reasonable price. However, all this work will be worth it as you get a profitable deal with minimal costs. 

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