How to Invest in Small Business Loans for Growing Businesses with StreetShares

StreetShares Review

Although the unemployment rate for American veterans is on the decline, the creation of fulfilling work for veterans transitioning to civilian life remains a challenge. Veterans have an immense variety of skills to offer employers, but in some cases, working for themselves might prove more rewarding. This is why StreetShares was founded in 2013 – to give veterans greater opportunities to get the funding and information they need to start businesses of their own.

How to Invest in Small Business Loans

If you want to earn great returns on your investments and make a difference by supporting Americans who have honorably served your country, then here are a few ways to get involved in StreetShares:

5% Interest on Veteran Business Bonds 

Looking for consistent returns on your investments? Whether you’re new to investing or simply want to add more bonds to your portfolio, StreetShares’ veteran business bonds could be a great addition because they offer a guaranteed 5% rate of return. The best part about StreetShares is the low investment threshold (just $25 minimum to get started) and you can access your money at any time during the course of the bond for a 1% fee.

Alternatively, if you wait the full year without dipping into your funds, you’ll be able to withdraw penalty-free with 5% interest accrued or simply let your money keep growing in the account beyond the 12-month window. You can buy veteran business bonds covering many different industries across the United States and support veterans who want to reestablish themselves as entrepreneurs in civilian life. It only takes a few minutes to sign up with StreetShares and open your bond account, so the entire process involves minimal effort and considerably high rewards!

StreetShares Review - How to Invest in Small Business Loans

Invest in Veteran Businesses 

If you’re an accredited investor or institutional investor (as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission), then you may qualify for StreetShares Pro. This program allows you to invest in high-yield investment assets by choosing investments based on your portfolio’s diversification needs or letting the investment pros at StreetShares automatically invest your funds based on your chosen criteria.

There are no caps to how much you can invest with StreetShares, and there are no signup fees, membership fees, or management fees involved (just a 1% fee based on borrowers’ repayments). With StreetShares Pro, you’ll be involved in ensuring veterans can get the loans they need to build their small businesses, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Get Funding for Your Own Business 

If you’re an aspiring business owner and U.S. military veteran yourself, then you could qualify for funding through StreetShares too! You simply start with how much money you need to get your business off the ground (or expand your current enterprise), enter your name and email, then input other relevant business information (address, phone number, business entity, type of business, annual revenue currently, age of business, number of employees, etc.).

You’ll also be asked personal financial information (including household income, percent of business ownership, and credit score range) and the desired length of the loan you’re seeking to expand your business. This is an excellent way to secure funding if traditional banks aren’t helping your small business, so don’t miss an opportunity to get a loan from a veteran-specific company like StreetShares.

Community Resources

When you’re just starting out – whether you’re a veteran yourself or you simply want to help veterans build businesses and get some nice returns on your investments – StreetShares’ community resources is an awesome part of the site that offers everything from informational resources to special offers for StreetShares members. You can get discounts and deals on various websites (combat footwear, for instance), insightful blog posts written by veteran entrepreneurs, and useful downloads related to investment and business advice.

In the future, StreetShares will also begin offering credit cards for veterans, small business webinars, and a search tool to help its users find veteran-owned businesses. Overall, the community benefits on StreetShares’ website are immensely valuable to investors and business owners alike, so don’t miss it!

Should You Invest or Seek Funding with StreetShares?

If you deeply care about reducing the veteran unemployment rate by giving more entrepreneurial opportunities to the people who served our country, then StreetShares is a socially rewarding way to invest. It’s also a financially rewarding investment opportunity, as the 5% guaranteed rate of return on its veteran business bonds is considerably higher than other types of conservative bonds currently available in the market, and the capital investments available to accredited investors are excellent additions to any high-yield portfolio.

Furthermore, veterans who want to start or grow their own business should definitely consider seeking funding through StreetShares because its emphasis on helping veterans is almost unparalleled in other areas of the financial industry. If it’s a win-win for everyone involved, then what do you have to lose by trying out StreetShares? Sign up today to start investing for as little as $25.

New Updates – Fundraising for online lenders is becoming rare in the venture capital market… But, StreetShares has just raised $23 million in a Series B round aiming for growth in its online-lending business.

StreetShares won the 2017 Professional Services “Innovator of the Year” Award in Washington, D.C. for its technology and three unique product lines

What do you think? Does StreetShares sound like a great way to earn a higher rate of return on your investments? What about investing in veteran businesses? Let me know in the comment section below.

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