Survey Junkie Review – Get Paid to Answer Surveys Online

There are countless ways to make money online these days, but not all of them are created equal. Some are entertaining but pay next to nothing for participants, while others are somewhat boring with bigger payouts for users willing to put up with mundane tasks or effort-intensive activities.

Survey Junkie represents the best of both worlds: it allows users to take interesting, personally relevant surveys while paying a decent amount for survey completions compared to other survey websites. Survey Junkie is also one of the few survey sites that give some points to users even if they don’t qualify for a particular survey (you still have to spend time filling out basic demographic and psychographic information to determine eligibility, after all).

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Although you won’t get rich from taking surveys – and Survey Junkie is pretty transparent about this – you can still make some money in your free time by responding to consumer surveys. The reason why companies offer money in exchange for this information is that it helps market researchers and brands make better decisions about developing and promoting products and services that can improve consumers’ lives (and, let’s face it: companies accumulate more profits as a result of better product strategies).

If you’ve been wanting to find a legitimate survey website that won’t waste your time and dole out relatively good rewards, then Survey Junkie might be a great side hustle to add to your income-earning strategy:

Who Can Sign Up for Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is available for free to anyone 13+ years of age living in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. When you first sign up, you can expect to have to verify your identity because Survey Junkie wants to ensure it’s providing its corporate clients with survey data from real consumers.

If you want to exchange your survey points for cash, you’ll also need to connect your Survey Junkie account with PayPal and/or your bank/credit union checking account.

Earn Money for Taking Surveys

You do not immediately earn cash from completing surveys with Survey Junkie – instead, you earn points, which can later be converted into cash. You can begin redeeming your points once you reach 1,000 points (equivalent to $10) and if you choose the e-gift card option, you can redeem a portion of your points (PayPal, bank and credit union transfers require that you redeem all of your points at once). Points never expire unless you haven’t logged in and completed a survey within a 12-month period (at which point all points remaining in your account will be considered forfeited).

Survey Junkie’s website says they pay anywhere from $2-75 for taking surveys, typically dependent on the length and complexity of the survey, as well as the number of people eligible to take it (surveys requiring highly specialized information from a tiny pool of consumers likely pay more than surveys that pretty much anyone can take). According to Survey Junkie, their surveys take an average of 15 minutes to complete. 

If you earn $600 or more in the same year on Survey Junkie, they will send you a W-9 form to fill out and you’ll be issued a 1099 to report your survey income and pay any taxes. Even though it seems like a small amount, do not avoid paying taxes on your survey earnings! Just like any other legitimate side hustle, you’re personally responsible for covering your tax liabilities related to the money you make on the side.

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Survey Rewards

There are many different options when it comes to redeeming points through Survey Junkie: you can cash out with PayPal (all countries), transfer cash to your bank or credit union (the U.S. only), or redeem for popular gift cards (sent electronically via email).

Earning a little extra cash by completing surveys can be a great way for busy people to boost their “fun spending” allowance, pay off debt more quickly, free up more cash for investments or save money on regular expenses by converting survey points into gift cards for websites/stores you already shop at.

Should You Sign Up for Survey Junkie?

Signing up for Survey Junkie only takes a few minutes and you get 25 points just for starting out with them. When you fill out your profile with more information about yourself, you can earn another 50 points, followed by 25 points for verifying your email address. A major benefit of Survey Junkie is that they tell you approximately how long a survey might take, so you can decide whether or not it’s worth your time to earn XX amount of points.

New surveys appear on a daily basis – some are even limited-time surveys that need to be completed right away before they fill up – and you can sign up for email notifications to ensure you don’t miss any valuable survey opportunities.

Again, you won’t be rolling in the dough after taking several surveys, but Survey Junkie is nevertheless a great way to make some cash on the side with minimal effort and relatively interesting questions!

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