Top 3 Ways Not To Let Too Many Investing Choices Overwhelm You

Do Not Let Too Many Choices for Investments Overwhelm You

Did you know that there are thousands actively traded mutual funds in existence? Investment companies are adding more every week too. Between stocks, bonds, actively traded mutual funds, index funds, ETFs, Roth IRA, and the like, investors have more choices than ever. Have you ever become overwhelmed with too many choices? Has it made you hesitant to start investing? It shouldn’t hold you up investing. Three Ways Not To Let Too Many Choices For Investing Overwhelm You Mirror The Stock Market Researchers have conducted several in-depth studies over the past few years that have shown that stock pickers cannot consistently, year in and year out beat the overall stock market rate of return. So, if you can’t beat them, you might … Read more

Betterment Review – An Easy Way To Start Investing


Betterment is an investing website that tackles the perceived complexity of investing head on. I hear it time and time again from the readers of Money Q&A and even my own family members that they simply are scared to invest because they think that it is too complicated. Betterment works to break down that notion and makes investing a simple process that is goal oriented. While Betterment is essentially a stock brokerage firm, it takes the title to a new level targeting the segment of potential investors that have been sorely lacking representation, the new or novice investor. While even experienced investors can receive a lot of value from the company’s approach, the company’s niche is the new investor who … Read more