Top 7 Ways Not to Go into Debt this Christmas

How to Avoid Debt this Christmas

If things are rough this year for your family, that doesn’t mean that you should add to your debt this Christmas to make up for it this holiday season. It is okay to tell your children that Santa is broke this year. They probably already know that something is up, or they have an incredible sixth sense about how grownups are feeling. 7 Ways Not To Go Into Debt This Christmas One of the worst things that you can do though is trying to keep up with the status quo. Here are seven great ways to avoid adding to your debt this Christmas. Use Your Credit Card Reward Points My wife and I love to earn reward points with our … Read more

Who Should Get A Christmas Tip? Your Mailman? Holiday Tipping Guide

Holiday Tipping Guide

Every year I write an article about how I am not going to tip my mail carrier for the holidays. I’m not a fan of tipping my mailman, garbage man, teachers, or a long list of other folks. I typically take a lot of heat in the comment section for my anti-Christmas holiday tipping philosophy. There are several reasons that I refrain from tipping certain people in my life like my mailman. But, there are those that I go out of my way to give a tip to such as my housekeeper, my barber, and my guitar instructor. I’m not going to tip my mail carrier this Christmas. Who are you tipping this year? A List Of Popular Holiday Tipping Every year … Read more

How to Tell Your Children that Santa Is Broke This Year

How To Tell Your Children That Santa Is Broke This Year

What do you tell your children when times are tough? Is Santa affected by the recession too? How do you tell your children Santa is broke? One of the worst mistakes that we can make is to pretend that nothing is wrong and continue operating in the same manner that we always have during the holidays when our family is struggling financially. It becomes hard to maintain the status quo when times are tough, and it is especially tough around Christmas and the holidays. And, trying to continue the same way is a horrible mistake. We get used the good times with tons of presents under the tree, showering friends with presents, and decorating your home like an Oswald. But, … Read more

Five Ways to Make Holiday Gift Giving Perfect This Year

Ways not to go into debt this Christmas

You may not be ready to think about it yet, but Christmas as the holiday season is rapidly approaching us. And, we all know that the holidays are an expensive time of the year. One reason is that we are a very generous society and love holiday gift giving. One recent survey found that Americans spend over $500 per year on gifts for our friends and family. We love to give and giving can quickly add up and become a budget buster. But, there are a few ways that you can make this a perfect year and still give gifts that make you just as happy as those who receive them without living a case of buyer’s remorse or a … Read more

Why Now Is the Time to Start Saving for Next Christmas

Christmas Gifts For Children That Keep On Giving

Are you still reeling from your credit card bill after buying Christmas presents? You’re not alone. Many Americans continue to put holiday spending on credit cards despite the warning signs of building consumer debt. But, you need to be saving for Christmas again already! According to the National Retail Federation, holiday retail sales increased 3.8% to $601.8 billion. More than $42 billion was spent online, a 10% increase in last year. We give generously to our friends and family members each holiday season. That’s fine until you reach for your credit cards to give the gifts and spend months paying the balances off. Far too many people give from their heart even when their wallet can’t afford it. Don’t make … Read more

Why Online Shopping Is Best for Christmas Shopping

shopping online

We are getting closer to the biggest shopping season of the year, Christmas shopping, and with that comes big deals and even bigger crowds. I cannot stand the crowds at the malls and the other major shopping centers during the holidays. With the introduction of Cyber Monday, more and more people are choosing to do their shopping online instead of in a brick and mortar store. Why Online Is Best for Christmas Shopping Here are a few reasons why you should consider shopping online too as the best for Christmas shopping. No Lines If you’ve ever shopped from Black Friday up to Christmas Eve, chances are you have experienced the massive amounts of people shopping at the same time. Parking … Read more