Confessions of a Short Term Stock Trader with Swing Trading

Swing Trading

I have a confession to make. For the past six months, I have been buying and selling stocks at a rapid rate lately. It hasn’t been day trading, but I haven’t held a stock for more than a week before selling it. I’ve been swing trading. I have been swing trading with a small portion of my investment portfolio. I have been buying and selling stock and holding shares for only a few days in the hopes of short term price movements. And, I am really loving it I have to admit. Like when I started playing fantasy baseball and it renewed my love for the game, short term stock trading has renewed my love for trading. It’s not for … Read more

The Best Websites for Stock Quotes for Investors and How to Find Stocks

Note – The following blog post may contain affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you click on a link on the best websites for stock quotes and purchases. Like always, all opinions are my own. Investors are always striving hard to grow their portfolio, and seeing it grow with buy and hold strategies and trading strategies is the ultimate reward. However, you may be questioning how to find the best investment strategy and best stock pickers. Finding those things will enable you to find the next top stock and high-quality trade setup. Suppose you are looking to boost your portfolio in the long term. Finding the best website for stock quotes and research can make all the difference … Read more