5 Signs You Should Hire A Coach for Your Life or Business

5 Signs You Should Hire A Coach

5 Signs You Should Hire A CoachCoaching has become a rapidly growing profession worldwide, expanding form its origins in sports and branching out into a number of different areas. There are business coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, health & wellness coaches, and general life coaches. But, should you hire a coach to help you succeed in life or in your business?

People seem to be recognizing that having a coach can make a difference. In fact, studies of coaching in organizations shows a return of $4 – $8 for every dollar invested.

At the same time, people have begun to recognize that top athletes spend around 95% of time practicing with a coach and 5% actually performing. While the rest of us spend almost all of our time performing, with almost no time to practice or improve.

Why shouldn’t everyone benefit from more time to work with a coach and develop mastery?

5 Signs You Should Hire A Coach

You See The Possibilities

You see great possibility for yourself, your career, or your business, but you can’t turn that possibility into a clear vision, action, and/or results. In other words, you are stuck.

What is your purpose? What is your vision for your life, career, or business? What are your strengths and how can you use them to make great things happen? A coach works with you to get answers to these questions.

Your Having Challenges

You are having challenges influencing or working with other people to get things done. Leadership – in life and in work – is partly about influencing others.

Many people have challenges with how they communicate, work on teams, and make things happen. A coach can help you develop new skills and behaviors to have more impact when working with other people. Your coach can also help you to understand how to build a powerful network of relationships so that you can get more things done more easily.

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Lessons Everyone Can Learn From #AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk

AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk

#AskGaryVee by Gary VaynerchukIf you followed me for any link the time you know that I’m a huge Gary Vaynerchuk fan. I followed him  from the time that he wrote his first book, “Crush It” and his keynote speech from the Web 2.0 Conference

While Gary Vaynerchuk is an incredible entrepreneur, I think there are a lot of great lessons that we can all learn from him even if you don’t have that entrepreneur mindset. His books and keynote addresses are fascinating. His podcast and YouTube videos are inspiring whether you’re in entrepreneur or not.
The “#AskGaryVee” book is the fourth book from Gary Vaynerchuk. He also wrote a wine book before the last four, which are all social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship based. AskGaryVee is an outcrop from his popular YouTube show and podcast where members of his audience and fan base ask questions about social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, and life that he answers on the show.
The #AskGaryVee book is the direct culmination of the show and his YouTube channel. It pulls together some of the best and most thought-provoking answers and his philosophy that Gary answers for his audience on the show.
But, the book is more than just a compilation of the show. It’s chock-full of amazing insight into the world of social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, and a host of other topics. 

Whether you’re a blogger, a YouTube sensation, a podcaster, an entrepreneur, or even a stay at home mom, you’ll find an incredible amount of interesting commentary on our daily lives and how social media, marketing, and life inter-plays with them in this book. 

I thought that it would be fun to look at some great take aways that I personally got from Gary’s new book. Here are three of my favorites.

Are You Running In The Right Direction?

Investing With Purpose by Mark Aardsma

The following is a guest post on Money Q&A. Would you like to write the next one? If you would like to write an article for Money Q&A, please visit our Guest Posting Guidelines page. Mark Aardsma is an entrepreneur, investor, and the author of Investing With Purpose: Capitalize on the Time and Money You Have to Create the Tomorrow You Desire.

Investing With Purpose by Mark AardsmaInvesting With Purpose by Mark Aardsma

Life and work, they ask a lot of you. There’s a lot to be done, and some of it is really hard. Projects stretch your skills, packed days stretch your energy, and difficult people stretch your sanity. Some weeks (most weeks?) feel like marathons with a series of embedded sprints. You get tired, and you have to stop to catch your breath sometimes.

Not to worry though, you are no stranger to hard work. You’re driven, even when it gets tough. You focus your smarts on each problem, and most of the time you work out a solution.

You do your best to manage your money, save for the future, and invest well to grow it. The enthusiasm and perseverance you bring to life and work is admirable, it really is. You have your ups and downs, of course, but you put your heart into it, and engage each day in an earnest pursuit of… well, hmm.

It’s for success right? Financial security, that is important. Maybe it’s about earning respect, and a sense of accomplishment? Being able to go to bed at night feeling like things are going ok, people see you and treat you well, and life is just kinda, working?

Ok, so life gets a little murky, even for us driven types. It’s hard to discover and remember why we are doing all of this in the first place.

What’s more, life changes and unfolds in surprising ways. We find out we have interests, strengths, potential we didn’t know about before. Windows of opportunity close (sometimes slam quite rudely) and others crack open. What we want changes. A clear sense of direction doesn’t come easily in the first place, let alone update itself automatically.

You can navigate life with direction and purpose. It’s possible, and it’s essential. A crystal ball of insight into the future is not required.

Courage, that is the thing. Courage to open up big questions and let them bother you with their annoying tendency to hover around unanswered. Courage to spend time in the part of you where you keep your dreams.

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