Fundrise Review – The Easy Way to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

We all want to get the highest possible returns on our investments. But, this isn’t ever guaranteed, and there are many barriers to investing in big-ticket assets like real estate. If you’ve always wanted to invest in residential and/or commercial properties, but the thought of having to save up thousands of dollars for a down payment has been holding you back, then you can’t afford to overlook the latest tech-driven investment platform, Fundrise. As one of the few companies offering high-quality real estate investments to everyday investors, Fundrise is truly a unique platform with impressive figures to its name. Fundrise has 80,000 individual investors, $3 billion worth of real estate in its portfolio, and a 4.98/5.00 star review average with the … Read more

Steady App Review – How to Find Work and Get Paid for Side Hustles

One of the best parts of the gig economy is that pretty much anyone with access to a smartphone and some useful skills can make money on the side without going through an extensive interview process. Whether you’re a working college student, full-time employee who needs to supplement their income, or a retiree who wants to find new ways to financially support yourself in your post-career golden years, you could find a wide variety of paying gigs through an innovative app called Steady. If you’ve been looking for opportunities to jump-start your finances with an additional income stream, then Steady might be just the app you’ve been waiting for. Steady App Review Available Gigs There are plenty of options out … Read more Review–The App that Motivates You to Pay Off Debt

You’ve probably already heard all the shocking facts and statistics about student loans nowadays. There’s a $37,000+ average debt load per graduate, hundreds of thousands of graduates in default on their repayments, family members struggling to help students repay their loans, student loans forcing people to forgo homeownership and even starting families. Enough is enough. Instead of getting too caught up in the bad news, let’s start focusing on some realistic solutions. That’s what wants to do. Their goals is to help college graduates and their families make the savviest financial decisions regarding their student loan repayments. Even if you made mistakes on your FAFSA, borrowed more than you needed, or can’t keep up with your current payments, … Read more

Joany Review – The Easiest Way to Get Health Insurance

Health insurance is an incredibly complicated issue, especially if you aren’t completely covered by your spouse or employer’s health insurance policy. When it comes to making health insurance more affordable, the issue gets even more challenging for consumers. That’s because the markets are so volatile and premium prices seem to rise faster than individuals’ incomes can keep up with. Fortunately, there’s a health concierge out there that wants to simplify the process for you and find the best coverage at the best price possible for your unique health needs, and that’s Joany.   Originally known as Impact Health, Joany leverages data analysis and predictive models to make it easier for consumers to navigate the health insurance marketplace. The company was … Read more

Review of SPENT Money App: How to Earn Cash Back on Purchases

If you’re not consistently maintaining and adjusting a budget for your personal and business-related expenses, then you might run the risk of blowing your budget simply due to disorganization issues. That’s why personal finance management apps like SPENT Money exist. Their goal is to help folks keep track of their financial lives, whether they’re at home, at the store, or even in another country. In addition to helping you manage your business expenses, the SPENT Money app offers its users thousands of opportunities to earn cashback on purchases. You can earn from nearly every category imaginable, such as travel, office supplies, restaurants, groceries, and so much more. The SPENT Money app is also unique in that it has a receipt … Read more

Review of Clarity Money App – Get Clear on You’re Spending Money

One of the most important factors in personal financial management is transparency. But, many people believe financial products and services are anything but transparent. That’s why Clarity Money was founded, in order to develop truly transparent solutions to wasteful spending, limited savings, and complex budgeting practices. Through the power of artificial intelligence, Clarity Money incorporates natural language processing, anomaly detection, and spectral analysis to help its over 1.5 million users save money. Even if you already know all the basics of budgeting, you might be overlooking minor areas for monetary savings that Clarity Money’s algorithm is designed to pinpoint and eliminate. Here are a few reasons why you might want to download this free app. Clarity Money App Review Get Your … Read more