Five Ways to Make Holiday Gift Giving Perfect This Year

Ways not to go into debt this Christmas

You may not be ready to think about it yet, but Christmas as the holiday season is rapidly approaching us. And, we all know that the holidays are an expensive time of the year. One reason is that we are a very generous society and love holiday gift giving. One recent survey found that Americans spend over $500 per year on gifts for our friends and family. We love to give and giving can quickly add up and become a budget buster. But, there are a few ways that you can make this a perfect year and still give gifts that make you just as happy as those who receive them without living a case of buyer’s remorse or a … Read more

Top 9 Great Gifts You Can Give that Will Keep on Giving

It is one thing to give a gift to our loved ones, but it is an entirely different thing to continue to show how much you care about someone with a gift that keeps on giving. We often joke about the gifts that keep on costing us money. My father-in-law bought my mother-in-law a new cell phone last year upgrading her to a smartphone finally. It was a great idea until he realized afterward that the price of her cell phone plan would significantly increase. It was a gift that kept on costing him despite his good intentions initially. A wonderful gift is one that continues to add enjoyment to our loved ones’ lives long after we have given that … Read more