The Little Expenses Incurred Can Quickly Add Up

Coffee can be a budget buster.I have to admit that when I stand in line at the grocery store (or any store for that matter) that I am always tempted by the impulse purchases in the racks by the checkout counter. What’s the harm in those little expenses incurred?

It is only a dollar or two, right? But, those dollars add up. It is the little expenses in our lives that can really get us into trouble and knock our family’s monthly budget out of whack if we are not careful. The little expenses add up over time.

We Study Large Expenses Incurred

We bend over backwards to find a great deal on a new car, when we buy a new home, or even a large purchase like a new television. But, we tend not to think about the small purchases we make.

I think that it is almost the equivalent to pigging out at a restaurant and ordering diet soda. Far too often we think that we are being good financial stewards of our money be studying the large purchases we make to death.

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