The Biggest Mistake You Can Make After a Business Conference

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make After a Business Conference

I have talked briefly for the last few days that I have spent the past weekend in Schaumburg, Illinois outside of Chicago for the first annual Financial Blogger Conference (FINCON11). Two hundred and eighty of my favorite personal finance bloggers came together at a business conference to learn from each other, swap ideas, trade business cards, and garner insight into how we can make our personal finance blogs better in order to ultimately help you, our readers, take better control of our finances.

But, all of the networking and idea exchange will all be for naught if you make one of the biggest mistakes immediately after a business conference. We all forget one of the best techniques immediately after a conference or network event that can have a big impact…the follow-up.

You Must Follow Up To Build On Those Relationships

Do not forget to follow up from a business conference.If you do not follow up on the contacts that you made and the ideas that you floated at a conference, you are making the biggest mistake. One of the most important steps after a conference or convention is not following up with the people that you met.

Did you talk to people about a collaborative project? Did you ask someone for a piece of advice or someone ask you for help later? You took the first step of planting a seed in order to build a relationship with someone. Now that the conference is over, it is the perfect time to follow up with that contact.

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