I Fibbed And Bought A Bar Of Gold – Five Crazy Safes

A few months ago, J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy showcased several very awesome manly piggy banks and crazy safes that people could buy on the internet. I fell in love with this bar of gold safe (see attached picture of my bar of gold below).

I have a theory that people will save more money if they have somewhere cool to put it. I have a jar labeled casino money that helps motivate me to save money! Just like nicknaming your savings accounts, naming your spare change jar can have a huge benefit and really drive your desire to save money for a specific purpose.

Here Are Five Cool Safes That Inspire Me To Save

1) Gold Bullion Bar Coin Bank

My own gold bullion bar coin safe

2) Grenade Bank

Grenade piggy bank

3) Vacation Fund Coin Jar

My Vegas casino money coin jar to help me save

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Would A Crazy, Wacky Piggybank Help You Save More?

crazy piggybanks help you save moneyI was walking around Target the other day when I ran across this shelf of piggybanks that are featured on this picture. And, I just had to snap this picture. I wondered if having a personalized piggybank will help inspire you to save more money. I have a jar sitting on my dresser that says “casino money” right on the front of it. It is one of many that you can buy that lists what your savings goal is. I have seen others that say things like “new car”, “down payment”, “vacation”, etc. Mine just happens to say “Casino Money” because I have a secret addiction to Las Vegas and Blackjack (now you know a little something extra about me!).

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