What Is Identity Theft? And How Do You Prevent It?

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity theft is a crime whereby an impostor acquires important pieces of personal information including driver’s license and Social Security numbers to impersonate somebody else. The impostor then uses the information to obtain merchandise, credit, or services in the victim’s name or to provide the impostor with false credentials. Other than running up debt, the impostor can provide false identification to the police thereby creating a criminal record for the person whose identity they have stolen. Exactly What Is Identity Theft? Account takeover type of identity theft, the impostor uses personal information to obtain access to the existing accounts of the person. In most instances, the impostor will change the mailing address on the victim’s account and run up a massive … Read more

How to Spot and Prevent Medical Identity Theft

Medical Negligence Claims

It can happen out of the blue. You get a bill for health services that you never obtained, or maybe you file an insurance claim and your insurer tells you that you have reached your benefit limit. Identity theft can also be found in the medical and healthcare sectors. It is not just limited to your financial data. In this case, identity thieves confiscate people’s health insurance and personal details so they can obtain certain types of treatment, procure prescription drugs and receive medical care. How to Spot Medical Identity Theft Unfortunately, there are even people working in the medical field that are using patients’ information in order to submit bogus claims to insurance firms. Not only can your budget … Read more