How to Lower Internet Bill – 8 Simple Ways to Try

Wasted Time, Lost Revenue, Less Customers

Paying for the internet can be a huge drag in the U.S. because diversified options in the market scarcely exist. Internet service providers (ISPs) are notoriously monopolistic, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has done little to regulate Internet companies and prevent them from price gouging customers with shady advertising and pricing tactics (especially when the ISP is the only provider in the area, leaving customers with no option but to continue service with them). If you’re frustrated with your current Internet provider and want to learn how to lower your internet bill, then here are 8 different strategies you could try. Assess Your Wi-Fi Needs Firstly, do you need your current level of Internet speed and monthly data allotment? … Read more

How to Save Money as a Wedding Guest

Save for a Wedding

Getting married is both a beautiful dream and a financial nightmare. As cynical as that sounds, the fact that the average wedding in the U.S. now costs almost $30,000 demonstrates how true this statement is. If you’re done with planning your own wedding and instead of attending someone else’s ceremony in the near future, then how can you possibly save money as a wedding guest? Save Money as a Wedding Guest Sure, it’s cheaper to be a guest than a host, but weddings are still pretty pricy for guests as well. In fact, a study from LendEDU in 2017 found that the average American spends over $1,380 to attend a wedding! To avoid the financial headache of weddings, here are … Read more

How to Cool Off Without Air Conditioning

How to cool off without air conditioningSummer is fast approaching, and many regions of the country are already starting to feel the heat. As the dreary days of winter start to disappear, the climbing temperatures are encouraging more and more people to reach for their thermostats — only to find that their air conditioning units have fallen to pieces during the cold weather months.

Fortunately, air conditioning isn’t the only way to stay cool. Whether your unit is dead or you are looking for a low-cost way to beat the heat, here are a handful of ways you can survive spring and summer and cool off without air conditioning.

First, Call the Repair Company, Stat

More likely than not, you don’t know anything about what it takes to get an air conditioning unit up and running again. Instead of tinkering with the complex machinery, you should call your local AC repair company and make an appointment. The earlier in the year you request their assistance, the faster they will be able to respond; when the real dog days of summer begin, everyone will be clamoring for air conditioning help, so you shouldn’t procrastinate a known issue even while the weather is good.

Rethink Your Lighting

Traditional incandescent bulbs may produce that warm, comforting glow that you’re used to, but they also waste nearly 90 percent of their energy on heat rather than light. In the summer, when indoor temperatures can pass 90 degrees, you’ll be able to feel every watt of heat your lightbulbs produce. Instead of being unbearably warm and energy inefficient, you can switch to CFL or LED bulbs; they last longer, lower your energy bill, and are cool as cucumbers fresh from the fridge.

Sunlight during the day can also warm the house through windows. To prevent your own private greenhouse effect, you should keep your windows closed and shades drawn during daylight hours. This simple solution can cool your indoor temperature about 20 degrees.

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How to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone Bill Right Now

The rise and rise of the mobile phone is one of the biggest changes to everyday life we have seen in our lifetimes, and our obsession with mobile gadgets shows no signs of abating. However, mobile phone bills can be a burden on anyone trying to live on a tight budget. We’ve grown so dependent on them that they are seen as a necessity rather than a luxury, but high monthly bills can be a struggle for many. If you want to cut down the amount of money you’re spending on your mobile phone, this quick guide could help. How To Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Bill Change Your Monthly Mobile Phone Contract If you’re signed into a monthly … Read more

Five Ways You Are Wasting Money Around the House

Are you looking for ways to save money in your family’s monthly budget? You may be surprised to realize just how you may be wasting money around the house with everyday items that you haven’t even considered. If you just look around your home, I’m sure that you can find several ways that you can save money instead of wasting money around the house. Five Ways You Are Wasting Money Around The House Having 200 Cable Channels Do you have the biggest cable or satellite television package that is offered? Have you ever sat down to seriously think about how many of those cable channels that you are actually watching? It is a classic example of the Pareto Principle. I … Read more

Eight Easy Ways To Save Money On Car Repairs Right Now

How To Save Money On Car Repairs

You can save money on car repairs.I hate taking my car to the mechanic to get repairs. I always worry that I’m going to be overcharged for the repairs needed to fix my car.

I have to admit that I am not mechanically inclined in the least little bit. My best friend and I tried to change my oil one time in high school, and we quickly gave up after accidentally dumping several quarts of oil on his parents’ driveway.

Even if you are not knowledgeable about taking your car to the mechanic, there are several ways that you can save money on car repairs. If you educate yourself a little bit about the process and different ways to save money on car repairs, then you will feel better about taking your car to the mechanic and confident that you save money on car maintenance.

Eight Ways To Save Money On Car Repairs

1.Shop Around For Repairs – If you are faced with an expensive repair, it may help you save money on car repairs if you shop around. Most people do not think to get multiple estimates for car repairs, but there is a reason that the government requires three different bids in most cases before they award a contract. You are more likely to receive a more accurate quote on the price of your repair if you shop around and receive multiple quotes for the repairs.

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