Why You Should Use Your Credit Card

9522973880_c65e5486185678888Still not sure on how to use your credit card? When is it too much and when is it completely okay? It’s completely fine if you use your credit card for anything under the sun (or under the roofs of your precious mall). As long as you’re paying your monthly debt on time, there’s no way that you should be in trouble.

Still not convinced? The following are the reasons why you should definitely use your credit card, and don’t let it rot in your wallet.

Why You Should and How to Use Your Credit Card

Quick and easy

You no longer have to shell out cash whenever you’re in the mall. You no longer have to get in line just so you can withdraw money from the ATM. Just a single swipe and your transactions are good to go. There are many great options for small businesses too like a portable credit card swipe machine to complete transactions. Many small businesses may even be eligible to receive a free credit card terminal

Computerized billing

Complete hassle free transactions guaranteed! Your utility bill, cell phone bill, and anything else you pay monthly can be paid automatically through the help of your credit card. It’s a load off your mind, no need to stress out because you don’t have to remember countless due dates, or try to think back if you paid a certain bill or not.

Then you’ll just have one date to remember—the due date for your credit card! Your credit card keeps you updated with your monthly bills and transactions, so you never have to worry ever again.

Accounting records

If you’re a neat freak who needs everything to be organized and listed, then credit cards are for you. With the help of your credit card, you have a built-in list of everything you’ve purchased in a month.

You can sign on to your bank account online and see what you’ve spent over the past month to make sure you’re still on budget. You can keep track on what you buy easily. You no longer have to wonder late at night on where all your money has gone.

In case of emergencies

Imagine that you have to make a quick round trip ticket towards a business meeting to another country. But you don’t have cash! Your credit card will come in handy. Most people don’t have that kind of cash on hand.

But, again, with a credit card, you can take out a type of loan. Buy what you need and start to pay it off over time on your credit card. When you’re really in a tight budget, credit cards will come in handy. Just make sure that you pay them off!


Using your card may help you earn points and rewards. Many card rewards work on a point system where you earn up to five points per purchase that you have made.

When you reach a certain point threshold or level, you can redeem your points for gift cards at some stores. You can also use the gift cards as gifts, making holiday and birthday shopping simpler and less expensive. PNB credit card offers numerous promos and rewards to every card holder.

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