Wasted Time, Lost Revenue, Less Customers

Wasted Time, Lost Revenue, Less CustomersLooking for ways to improve your employees’ overall efficiency and effectiveness on the job?

Curious as to how you can identify the employees whom you suspect are abusing company time?

Just what are these devious team members up to on the clock anyways?

Let’s take a look at what the statistics say about the mischievous employees who abuse company time, and then we will look at some solutions to this problem.

Recent survey data (responses from 750 employees) shows that 31% waste approximately 30 minutes a day, another 31% waste approximately 1 hour a day, and 16% waste approximately 2 hours a day.

Do I have your attention yet?

How about 6% of those respondents that waste approximately 3 hours a day, and then another 2% who waste approximately 4 hours daily. Another 2% openly admit to wasting 5 or more hours daily on the job.

Do the math and you can see your profits walking right out your front door. These employees are taking valuable company time and resources and using it for their own selfish ends. This affects everyone within the organization, including your customer base.

The range of activities that they are partaking in on company time ranges from texting, social media browsing, internet surfing, and unofficial smoke and snack breaks (this data is from 2,138 hiring managers and 3,022 full-time employees).

Wasted Time, Lost Revenue, Less CustomersThe time is now to take action to sort through your staff and improve your company’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Many times employees become so used to the status quo that they fail to recognize what they are doing is wrong, as strange as this may seem to those of us who were raised to give your employer respect.

A good suggestion to begin the process of steering your workforce in the right direction with time management and to create a new organizational culture that values time at work is to instigate online training classes.

Often, employees recoil from the idea of having to participate in such work-related activities. However, if you can offer them the potential benefits of their active participation the mood can quickly shift in a positive direction.

Benefits such as an incentive or reward for participation, placing an emphasis on the benefits that each employee can receive with the proper application of what they are learning, and ways that they can assess their progress with the learning material.

Boosting morale can also have positive effects. Your HR team could put together a program during the holidays, have food catered in for the in-office party, and get bulk candy shipments from Sweet Services, an online candy store. These are common approaches to underscore employee appreciation.

Even with this type of implementation, you will still find the defiant employees who will not cooperate. How can I go about narrowing down who they are when it is not possible to see them at all times?

According to Greg Johnston, owner of WASH PC, the time clock app from Clockspot has made keeping track of employees the easiest thing in this business.

Not only will this type of app make keeping track of employees much easier, it simplifies payroll processing.

Time is money. Wasted time on the job hurts not only the company, it also hurts your customer base. If you feel the necessity to tighten up the ship, the time is now before your customers seek out your competition.

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