Juggling Work and Childcare – How to Make It Work for You

Financial Considerations for Parents of Special Needs Children

Most parents struggle to find the balance between work and family life, and one of the most difficult things to consider is childcare. Years ago, it was normal for the mum to stay at home to be there for the children, while the father carried on and went to work. We live in a very different world today, however, that means both parents are often at work – which means it can be difficult to juggle childcare.

Fortunately, there are different options available to you to help you make it work. Take a look at the ways you can juggle work and childcare and help you find the balance of your family’s needs.

Consider a different form of education

Some parents can struggle with finding childcare to cover before and after school, which is why after-school clubs are a great option for parents. If these facilities aren’t available at your school, however, you might want to think about a different form of education.

A Primary Montessori Day School can be an excellent option for parents. Not only are there a variety of programs on offer, but there are also longer school years and summer camps to give parents that additional childcare during school breaks. You could also look at schools with longer hours to help you fit your child’s schooling around your work schedule.

Apply for flexible working

Flexible working is common in many workplaces now, which makes it easier for parents to manage their time and enjoy a great work/life balance. Flexible working can mean starting and finishing at the times you want to help you juggle commuting with your other responsibilities or could even mean condensed hours. Have a discussion with your manager to help you decide on the most appropriate working pattern for you.

Find a role that allows you to work from home

Some companies will let their employees work from home, which can be a fantastic option for parents who need to be closer to school for pick-up, etc. If your company doesn’t allow home working, you might want to consider an option that does. You could either try for a new role or start your own business that lets you earn money from home.

Take a look at affordable childcare options

Childcare can be expensive, which makes it difficult to fit it into your budget. But fortunately, there are some affordable childcare options that could help you out. Having a relative look after the children were possible can really help you out, or a childminder could be more affordable than daycare, for example. Take a look at the different options to help you find something that works for you.

While many parents struggle to juggle childcare and work, there are ways you can make it happen for you and your family. Explore the different possibilities and let yourself enjoy the best of both when it comes to your work and family life.

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