Advertising Opportunities On Money Q&A

Money Q&A is a popular personal finance blog that was started over four years ago. The blog is listed in the Technorati Top 100 Finance & Business Blogs as well as the WiseBread Top 100.

The site receives approximately 10,000 unique visitors a month in traffic and has a Facebook following of over 1,500 fans and over 20,500 Twitter followers. It has an RSS and email newsletter readership of over 1,000 and growing. The podcast is a relatively new addition to Money Q&A.

If you are considering advertising opportunities on Money Q&A, there are several advertising opportunities on Money Q&A advertising on the site. Please email me Hank[at] if you are interested in either purchasing ads on the site and would like to receive a rate quote.

Advertising Opportunities On Money Q&A

Banner Ads on Money Q&A

advertising opportunities on money questions

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advertising opportunities on money questions

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Benefits Of Advertising

Advertising on Money Q&A is a great way for you to build traffic to your site or product from dedicated readers of the website who are looking for ways to improve their finances, learn about investing, and increase their understanding of their money and financial problems.

Key Stats (As of 8/15/2014)

Money Q&A – Reader Demographics

Male 118
Female 83
< 18 30
18-24 82
25-34 154
35-44 125
45-54 111
55-64 100
65+ 82
No Kids 128
Has Kids 71
internet average
$0-50k 83
$50-100k 109
$100-150k 136
$150k+ 123
No College 57
College 119
Grad School 182
Caucasian 105
African American 82
Asian 116
Hispanic 67
Other 108

Money Q&A - Reader Demographics