Using Portable Monitors for Laptop to Make Working from Home Easier

portable monitor

Lockdowns lead to offices having to close down, and people had to work with whatever resources they had. Before the pandemic, working from home was a rare thing for most people. The office was the place where work mostly happened. 

And the thought of doing your job from home was not common. When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, everything changed. 

Now, remote work is still around us, and it’s here to stay. Companies have understood that it can be done and even offer benefits like more focused and happier employees. 

So, now you might wonder, what changes did remote working bring to the business world? Well, Remote working or working from home opened a lot of opportunities for online applications like Zoom. Which is used for office meetings, project meetings, or for classroom purposes. One of those technologies for mobile and laptop is a portable monitor. Which makes working from home much easier for the employees. Let’s find out how! 

What are Portable Monitors? 

A portable monitor is like any other monitor device with just one obvious difference: it’s portable. A portable monitor is a screen that can be connected to different devices such as a laptop, desktop PC, gaming console, and more. 

Some of the portable monitors are touch screens that work similarly to a tablet. They are a great way to make a laptop screen or make a big screen for a mobile. But how do these things help make remote work easier for us? 

What sets a portable monitor for laptops different is its thin shape, similar to the display on a laptop, making it very easy to carry around. It’s like a screen monitor that you can carry with you anywhere you want. 

Portable Monitors for Laptop Making Work from Home Easier: 

Portable laptop monitors have proven to be more beneficial than built-in laptop screens. Here’s how they improve our work from home experience: 


You can easily connect your laptop and mobile phone to a portable monitor. Once you do that, the monitor becomes an extension of the mobile display.  This can help in displaying office work on a larger screen, helping the user understand work documents or other stuff in detail instead of trying to zoom in on a mobile phone, which can lead to eye issues and headaches. 

Editing for documentation can become much easier through portable monitors for both laptops and phones as a wider screen shows more detail. Both devices can be connected through HDMI (for the laptop) or USB port (Type-C or Micro USB). There are many upgraded versions of portable monitors in the market, like the Duex Plus. This has the best resolution you will ever come across, with an aptly wide screen. 

portable monitors


If you’re a laptop user who needs multiple tabs open at the same time, then you can use a portable monitor as a dual display. Once you connect to the portable monitor, you can do many tasks at the same time.  For example, if you’re a developer, you can use your laptop screen for writing and running the code and see the results on the portable monitor which saves time. 

And if you often need to refer to documents, spreadsheets, or code in your work, think of using one screen for your main tasks and the other for studying material. This simple adjustment can greatly enhance your productivity by reducing the time you need to continuously switch between tabs.  

Cost Effective: 

Many people think that a portable monitor costs a lot. It’s actually the other way around because these monitors are available at a reasonable cost. Instead of putting in money to buy another desktop computer, you can go for a portable monitor that might be available at half the price.   

Ease of Use:

There were many reasons why people stopped using desktop computers, and one of them was that it was not as comfortable as laptops are. But due to the small screen of laptops, people wanted a monitor but not the desktop ones. 

So, people started buying portable monitors, which increased movement. The comfort of moving around with portable monitors is among the top reasons why people are interested in them. Plus, they are lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around. They are also small in size and feature sleek and slim designs, so they fit in backpacks, briefcases, or laptop bags. 

Portable Monitor Features:  

Some portable monitors come with a stand feature which can give the feel of a desktop monitor. It also helps relieve neck pain usually caused by laptop screens due to constantly looking down on the screen. Using a portable monitor, you can adjust the height of the screen so it doesn’t put much strain on your eyes or body. 


If you find yourself doing different tasks while working from home and staring at your laptop screen feels a bit boring, a portable monitor might just be the difference you need. These amazing additions not only make your workspace more unique but also come at an affordable budget. They offer a bigger and better display that can improve your work quality and reduce the strain on your body. 

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