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Welcome to Money Questions & Answers, or more simply known as Money Q&A. I am Hank Coleman, the editor and publisher of Money Q&A. Here I tackle one finance, investing, retirement, or any other money topic in plain English to help you understand your finances better and how to take back control over your finances. If you have a question that you would like me to answer here on the site, be sure to submit it to our “Ask A Question” page!

You may be asking, “Who Is This Guy?”

Hank Coleman

My name is Hank Coleman, and in addition founding several popular personal finance sites such as Military Side Hustles, Own The DollarMilitary Money Might, Money Q&A, The Dividend Ninja, and other financial sites, I am an entrepreneur and freelance writer specifically focusing on personal finance topics such as savings, investing, retirement planning, insurance, and many other money topics.

My writing has been featured on such websites as AOL Daily Finance, The Motley Fool, Five Cent Nickel, Seeking Alpha, Military.com, Fox Business, Discover Bank, Cash Money Life, GoBankingRates.com, and many others.

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I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Finance, and a Graduate Certificate in Personal Financial Planning that allows me to take the exam for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) credentials. I am a professional in the government sector and a long-time professional personal finance blogger who is passionate about teaching people how to help manage their money and finances.

Even at just one question at a time, we can learn from each other and find out own way down the path to financial freedom and security. That is my hope with this site, that we all learn and grow from one another and ultimately have stronger finances as well.

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Money Q&A and Hank Coleman on the Radio

Money Q&A and Hank Coleman on the radio

Money Q&A and Hank Coleman have been featured on several regional talk radio shows. Here are a few where you can hear me talk about a wide variety of personal finance, investing, and real estate topics.

1150 KKNW Seattle, WA – “Brashenomics Radio Show”

KGO 810AM San Francisco – “Michael Finney Radio Show”

2 Guys And Your Money Podcast

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Evan Carmichael’s “Top 100 Personal Finance Experts to Follow on Twitter


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Fox Business – Gerri Wills Show (Sept. 3rd, 2013)


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